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Raffles Institution Leadership Studies Programme

No description

Ma Rui

on 24 August 2013

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Transcript of Raffles Institution Leadership Studies Programme

Raffles Institution Leadership Studies Program
Contents Page
1. Introduction
2. Definitions
3. Leadership theory
4. Course on Respect with Chongfu
5. Findings from lectures
6. Conclusions
7. Reflections from the Journey
Being in the Leadership Studies Program, we seek to, through our courses, learn more about respect and its applications in leadership.
Our Course
In order to further investigate into our theory, we organized and ran a leadership course on respect in leadership on Primary 5 students currently holding leadership positions in Chongfu.

Through ice breakers, short skits, presentations and a game of soccer, which cater to their short attention spans, we successfully taught them on the concepts of respect and leadership, and made the experience meaningful for all of us.

Workshop on Respect
Consists of:
Presentation & Skit
An investigation into the understanding of Respect and Leadership amongst 11 year-old students
Presentation & Skit
Introduction to respect
Demonstrate the various forms of respect
Provide examples
Soccer (Sportsmanship activity)
Real-life application of respect
Learn respect through fun
Respecting referee's decision
Respecting other players
To absorb and show what they have learnt
Consolidate key learning points
Bring message across
Link respect back

to leadership
Gather feedback
Investigate into use of respect by students

In order to further analyse the results of our interactions with the Chongfu students, we interviewed Ms Meliza, one of the teachers-in-charge of the programme, to find out more about the impacts of our workshops

Findings from Lectures
Many aspects and concepts of respect in leadership were covered during the lectures that we attended. Here's a brief run through of all that we've learned from them.
From our extensive interview, we have managed to conclude that:
1) in a society which values service-learning, leadership fundamentals are essential in students for them to better serve in society
2) Throughout our sessions conducted with the students, many of them have developed themselves to be more receptive to leadership qualiaties.
1. Respect, Not Authority
As our group focuses on the aspect of respect and its applications and implications on leadership, we have particular interest in this concept, as it directly applies to what we are finding on. We concluded the following points:

Building respect and relationships between leaders and team members
Using power and authority bestowed upon the leader wisely without abusing them
3. Pushing and Pulling
This concept was also of importance to our group, as it also focuses on the aspect of respect.

Pulling People and Resources together
allowing people to come together with resources and making them effective.
Pushing objectives
making group members united and willing to work hard for the cause, instead of forcing them.
2. Value Based Leadership
VUCA is ever present in the rapidly changing world of today, and the decisions that require QUICK THINKING ultimately boils down to what your true inner values are, acting as your True North.
VUCA- Volatility
Introduction: continued
In conclusion, we have come to understand a great number of ideas and concepts on the relationship between leadership and respect throughout our LSP journey as a group and as individuals.

This has enabled us to have greater insight on leadership.

With greater knowledge, we will be better able to apply this in our lives, especially in influencing others.
As a group, this journey has been great and enriching for us.

We had fun organising and running the course for 11 year old students, something novel to us, and we managed to attend lectures that played with our minds and gave us better understandings on leadership.

Throughout this experience, we have not only managed to gain great insights into respect and leadership, and how to develop ourselves and others into better leaders; we have also managed to have a fun and meaningful experience which none of us will forget.
We would like to thank many people who have helped us along this journey one way or the other:

The Teacher Mentors, Mr. Edward Dass, Dr. Raphael Funwa Iluyomade and Mr Leon Lai for your guidance and advice given to us throughout,

The Teacher Mentors from Chongfu Primary School, Ms. Meliza and Ms Madihah for their guidance and support for our course,

The lecturers, for the sharing of their invaluable experiences in leadership and imparting great knowledge.

The Primary 5 students from Chongfu Primary School, who cooperated with our throughout the course and made is meaningful for all of us.

The judges for taking your time out of your schedules to attend our presentation.

Thank you :)
Defining terms
Respect: To us, respect is an element within interpersonal relations whereby appreciation or consideration is held for another individual.

Leadership: A relationship which ones holds with others whereby one guides and empowers others to attain a common goal.
Respect in leadership
Therefore, to us, respect in leadership is in essence the ability to imbue the value of mutual appreciation and consideration when one leads others, or empowers others towards a common goal.
Leadership theory
For our project, we have applied the "relationship" leadership theory: where focus is set on the connections between leaders and those being empowered by them.
Leadership Theory
Within our theory, value-based leadership is emphasized as leaders must strive to motivate others to willingly work together for a goal through their relationships
Through our survey of the students, we found out that the students are capable of absorbing the leadership qualities demonstrated.

This is especially so in qualities that are supported with real-life analysis or games such as football

We also hope to imbue the foundations of respect in leadership within the Chongfu students we are guiding so as to develop them into better leaders.
Group Members: Ma Tian (3R)
Ma Rui (3R)
Chieo Bo Chong (3T)
Kelvinder Singh (3K)
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