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Kaayla's Prezi... Thanks

No description

Connor Bushnell

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Kaayla's Prezi... Thanks

To:The Art Teacher with many ideas, Kaayla
Getting to Know You More
Thank You from all of us
Getting Everyone Involved
Mosaics are always fun, especially when each square an individual makes is a part of a huge class project. Doing this project really let us, as classmates, become closer and show our own artistic talent.
Our First Project
Detecting Every Detail
Our last and most recent project was to paint a part of nature in a certain time of the day like morning or evening. After that we took another art class to draw the same picture yet with a different pallet. By doing this, we learned to take note of the smallest of details, each step making us better artists.
Just getting to know you, was easy. You started off with giving us inspiration, like learning how to paint snakes, and teaching us how to do fun stuff with our brushes! We had lots of fun with you when you came. Every time you left, we wanted you to come back the next day.
Thanks A lot!
We never had so much fun in art until you came. It was cool getting to know you better as you taught us how to do handle our paint brushes and do more artwork!. Before you came, we had no idea how to use a paint brush to paint out our imagination.
Every time before we started a new picture, you took us on a trip, a trip to the tropical place named Australia.
Thank you for helping us with the surprise party for
Ms. Ng. If it wasn't for you, who reminded
Mr. McEwan to come, everything wouldn't be as it was planned. We would also like to thank you for helping us create the canvas for Ms. Ng. Since you spend your time helping us, search up facts about the art we are doing and going to stores to buy paint and paint brushes, this is how we can express our thank you. You have no idea how much you did to help us.
You would always make everyone happy by saying how nice our art is and how creative we are. Just saying that brightens up our day, but everyone know that your paintings are the most thoughtful ones.
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