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electrical energy

No description

Abby Snider

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of electrical energy

electrical energy
by: Abby snider
Electrical energy conducts energy by the movement of
. It is a very useful energy and the reason it is so useful is because it is easier to transmit and to use than most other forms of energy.
An electron is a negatively charged particle.
When the

leaves the atom the
movement of the
creates an
electric current.
The History of Electrical Energy
Thales, a greek philosopher, in about 600
BC. discovered that if you rub
with wool you can pick up light objects such as straw and feathers.
Amber is resin
This phenomenon
was not fully
understood until
centuries later.
Benjamin Franklin, an 18th century American scientist, showed that lightning was static electricity by his famous kite experiment.
Ben Franklin
Luigi Galvani
In 1780 Italian
, Galvani discovered if you take two different metals such as
and copper it could produce a current, he discovered this while experimenting with severed frog legs.
Zinc is a metal that is used in batteries and many other objects.
Anatomist is a person who study animals body's.
static electricity
Thomas Edison
American inventor, Edison in the late 1800s had the idea of transmitting electricity though cables to every home to provide lighting.
Edison earned 1,093 us patents
Edison's greatest inventions are considered the electric light system, the phonograph, and motion pictures.
and many other people contributed to electrical energy
William Gilbert
James Watt
Otto Von Guericke
Stephen Gray
Charles Francois
Edwald Christian Von Klesist
Henry Cavendish
Early years of electrical energy
Electrical energy changed the way we live our lives from entertainment, communication, and day to day chores.
The radio was patented in 1943 and changed the way people were entertained.
The television was first showed at the 1939 worlds fair.
Electrical energy changed the way people were entertained they could listen to music out of a radio and watch movies on a television set instead of going to hear a band or going to a play they could enjoyed it right from their home.
The telephone and the computer changed the whole way people communicated. You could call someone and get information to them as quick as one phone call, you didn't have to mail a letter. A computer made it possible for people from one part of the world to exchange information.
Alexander Graham Bell in 1847 invented the telephone.
Many people contributed to the making of
the computer the starting date was 1936.
Day to Day Chores
Before electricity day to day chores were much harder, electric tools like the dishwasher, refrigerator, washer and dryer, and the oven made day to day work much easier.
In 1913 an electric refrigerator was first invented
by Fred Wolf. By 1920 only a few homes had electric refrigerator.
The washing machine was invented in 1910 by Alva Fisher, it made washing clothes easier and less time consuming.
Our Understanding of electrical energy
Energy can not be made it can only change form.
-Chemical Energy
-Kinetic Energy
-Thermal Energy
-Wind Energy
-Solar Energy
-Electromagnetic Energy

What do all these types of energy have to do with electrical energy?
All of those types of energy can be electric potential energy.
The things that turn it into electric potential are...
Thermal power plant
Hydropower power plant
Nuclear power plant
In conclusion, we have been trying to understand electrical energy for years we still are, however life as we know it would not be the same without electrical energy.
Thank You
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