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No description

Jenna Rosen

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of SEX SLAVERY

Targeted by "Johns" :
girls with abusive pasts
homeless young girls
any vulnerable person
Potential Victims of Sex Slavery
Annabelle Forrest

Lives of Former Sex Slaves
Kiki Cerpa
Lives of Former Sex Slaves
Virginia Dela Pena-Bean, Jordan Fajardo, Melanie Gallegos, Megan Mendoza, and Jenna Rosen
Period 6
25 February 2015

invited to a sleepover by new "friend"
her mother had met the "friend's" father
father and daughter took advantage of trust
was drugged
would wake up while being raped then black out
Shauna Newell
An Introduction
Third highest grossing criminal industry.
Affects girls as young as 12-14.
Used by both perpetrators on the streets and their own parents.
Work on the street, in their homes and on the internet.
Short Video Presentation
A non-profit organization based in Van Nuys, California

Rescues teen sex slaves, provides a safe place to stay, and offers an education to girls who would have spent their lives on the streets

You Can Make A Difference
These girls do not chose to be out on the cold streets, they are
1) Change your mindset
2) Educate yourself and others
Knowledge is
3) Take a stand
can make a difference! Don't wait for someone else to make
Initiated into a satanic sex cult at
age 7
Sexually abused for
11 years
Shared her abusive history in her book,
The Devil on the Doorstep.
From Venezuela
a better life in New York, USA
to work in a brothel at Jackson Heights, Queens
Effects of Sex Slavery
Physical: Bruises, STDs, miscarriages, high rates of abortion, sterilization, and infertility, suicide
Psychological: gulit, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorder
Society and Sex Slavery
Demands our attention
Become more knowledgeable or remain uneducated?
Our hands hold the future of sex slavery.
"promised to love her like a father/boyfriend/Prince Charming"
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Girls are always judged for what they do
Stereotypes and assumptions manifested
It is not their fault.
Full transcript