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Gender Stereotypes

No description

Ashley Hamilton

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Gender Stereotypes

Media with Gender Stereotypes
What Interests and Perspectives are Portrayed?
Audiences Responses
Different audiences will have different perspectives. This is because everyone has their own opinion and will interpret them the way they want to. For example, with the
Old Spice
commercial, kids wouldn't really pay attention to the message. They would probably think that the commercial's funny. Teenagers probably pay more attention to the ad's message because they may want to be like the man in the ad. Different genders could also have different responses. The commercial could affect males more because they are the ones being convinced that if you don't use
Old Spice
you're not a man. Girls on the other hand, aren't as affected although they might want to buy it for someone they know. Elders may not pay attention to these ads at all. Of course, some people just watch the commercial, laugh, then forget about it. It doesn't effect them in any way.
What effect does the message have on society?
Stereotypes are completely brainwashing us. Society is telling us the way to behave or act. Stereotypes are labeling people and sometimes people start to believe their label. Either that or people want to be like that and think the stereotype is true and change themselves to be more like it.
Gender Stereotypes
Old Spice
(TV Show)
Old Spice
n the
Old Spice
commercial, the stereotype is that men can't use products intended for women such as; perfume, lady scented body washes, and flowery shampoos. If they do they are not a man.

The ad is saying that if you don't use
Old Spice
then you're not a man. It also makes it appear as if to be a man you have to be in shape and have perfect teeth.
' was a TV show created and produced by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, and aired on the TV channel NBC.

The stereotype in the clip from the TV show is that boys can't play with Barbies or any other "girl toys". Instead they should play with action figures and monster trucks.

This stereotype is here mostly for comedic purposes. It made the episode more entertaining and funny. There could be an underlying message there though, that boys SHOULD play with tougher things like cars and toy guns. Girls on the other hand are the ones that should play with dolls, play dress up, and have tea parties.
Labels Against Women
Mulan- Bring Honor To Us All
Mulan- Bring Honor to Us All
' is a movie written by Robert D. San Souci and produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.

This song from the movie '
is saying that men like women that are obedient, calm, that work at a fast pace, and have a tiny waist.

The stereotype is that all women need to do is be obedient, hardworking, and attractive.
Old Spice
Commercial- Old Spice has a commercial perspective because they are trying to sell a product which is deodorant, body washes, or body spray.
Ideological- There is also an ideological perspective that men should smell fresh and clean but not pretty and flowery.

Commercial- The writers are trying to make it more entertaining and funny so more people will want to watch it.
Ideological- Boys must play with toys that are generally considered boy things while girls play with toys that are generally considered girl things.
Cultural- Western society puts a lot emphasis on the idea of men being macho and women being delicate.
Labels Against Women
This commercial has a great message that men and women are not thought of equally when it comes to their personality and behavior. At the same time this is a commercial. The main intention is to sell more product. They don't care about you as a woman and how we need to "Be Strong and Shine." Pantene thinks that sympathizing with you will make you want to buy their product more.
Mulan- Bring Honor To Us All
Labels Against Women
Commercial- They are trying to show their support for all different types of people which opens up their product to a broader market.
Ideological- They're trying to say that women should be thought of the same way that men are thought of.

Ideological- That women have to be hardworking and attractive to be perfect bride material.
Political- You need to act this way to show patriotism as well to your country.
Cultural- Women should be beautiful and behave like a lady.
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