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Film Presentation- Titanic

No description

Tyla Gilbert

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Film Presentation- Titanic

Film Presentation- Titanic
Film Presentation
Moulin Rouge
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Why i chose Titanic
- Titanic has always been one of my favorite movies, ever since i was little. Falling directly into the love/romance genre, it only made sense to pick this movie for my presentation.

- James Cameron, known for some of the biggest box-office hits of all time.

The studio
- James Cameron had a special studio made in Mexico just for the movie. It featured a 17-million-gallon water tank and a 775-foot replica of the Titanic.

Main Focus-
I'm going to focus on how love overcomes the barriers of classes through camera angles, movements, lighting, and music.
First time meeting
Front of the ship
Jack asks Rose to meet him at the bow of the Titanic, this is the turning point of their relationship where class barriers don't matter anymore. It is also their last night before the ship sinks.

Key Features: Camera angles/movements, lighting, music
- Front of the ship apposed to the back of the ship in the last scene

- This scene is filled with both Rose and Jack in close ups or medium shots showing they are equal and that class differences aren't important anymore

Camera movements
- Zoom in on the couple, followed by a pan shot of the surrounding scene

This scene is show during the sunset to create the effect and feeling of romance

The song "My Heart Will Go On" plays during this scene. It is the theme song for the movie and helps to create the romance effect

First Class Dinner
Rose's fiance Cal invites Jack to dinner to thank him for saving Rose

Key features: Location of Rose from Jack, camera distance/movement, music

Camera movement/distance
- Zoom in shot of Rose, and follow shot of her walking down the stairs. Low angle shot of Rose standing higher then Jack. Then a medium shot of Jack kissing her hand

- Fancy classical music to show that Jack is in the 1st class section of the boat
3rd Class Dance
After the first class dinner, Jack wants to show Rose the 3rd class part of the ship, and what he does for fun

Key features: Camera angles/movement, lighting, music
Camera angles/movement
- Their is a variety of fast moving camera angles that rotate from a zoomed in close up of Jacks feet dancing, to a close up of Rose looking happy and impressed. We also see low shots of Jack with the camera looking up to him.

- The lighting is very bright, but we see a fogginess in the room from people smoking

- fast and up beat, classic folk music
This scene occurs when Rose runs away from dinner upset about Cal, and her mother for wanting her to be "perfect"

Key features: Camera angles/distance, lighting, sounds, music

2:34:40 38:06

Camera angles/distance
- in the beginning of the scene we see a close up of Rose's shoes, then a medium shot of her over the railing. When Jack comes in their is a low shot below Rose with a light above her, showing that she's in power as she is higher class

very little amount of lighting except for the light of the boat, and the light shining over Rose's head

Music/sound effects
- We only hear a slow tune in the background and the sound of the waves which creates for a calm effect in a suspenseful scene.

To conclude my film presentation you've now seen how love is shown through different filmic elements in order to break down barriers between a High class lady, and a low glass man. No matter what your social status may be, love is always possible.
- Tyla Gilbert
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