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PS Sequence Scenarios Essay 3

Ruth, Hector, Marlen, Jacklyn

Jacklyn Gomez

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of PS Sequence Scenarios Essay 3

Jack Coming Home From School Jack's parents arguing about letter sent from the university Letter from University The district was ANGRY about the letter thinking it was very stereotypical of them. The university had sent out a letter out to his district talking about how high the
percentage is
in their
on teen
pregnancy and
dropouts University heard that the community was angry and went to the districts gathering. "...a little bird told me" Mijo is dating a 17 -year-old!! She's much more experienced than he is, and I don't want her to influence him to do those things! :O The meeting was held on September 27,2012. They came to an agreement ... Their will be more tutoring so dropout rates will decrease. Permission slips will be given to all the parents asking whether or not they want their children to be able to get contraceptitives from the nurse Parents were fully appreciated with how the meeting turned out to be!! YAAAY! :D
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