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Open class - what happens next

Will video predictions

Alice Woolliams

on 10 November 2011

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Transcript of Open class - what happens next

What happens next? 1.Work with your partner. 2. Watch the video. The baby panda will...
1. go to sleep
2. eat his mom
3. run around
4. sneeze The dinosaur will...
1. eat the small dinosaur
2. eat the pig
3. step on the pig
4. die The car will...
1. go fast
2. crash
3. stop
4. become a ghost The big penguin will...
1. eat the little penguins
2. tell them 'be quiet'
3. kick one in the water
4. step on them The eskimo will...
1. fall in the water
2. be eaten by a whale
3. catch a fish
4.freeze The bird will...
1. die
2. phone his friends
3. take a picture
4. cry How to play 3. Choose one answer on the worksheet.
What do YOU think will happen next? Example.
The baby panda Video 1
The dinosaur Video 2
The penguins Video 3
The Eskimo Video 4
The birds Video 5
The car Let's check!
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