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Relationship Cluster Poetry Revision with Mrs Berry!

No description

vicky berry

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Relationship Cluster Poetry Revision with Mrs Berry!

Relationship Cluster Poetry Revision with Mrs Berry!
What do you already know?
What can you remember?

Names of the poems
Key ideas and issues
Key quotes or images
Where in the exam is the poetry question?
What else is in the same paper? How many questions are there in this section?
How long do you have for this exam and this section?
Anything else?

Group Task
To be able to show understanding of a poem though teaching others.
Sister Maude
Praise Song

In groups of 3 ideally...I will then give you your date when you are presenting.
Step 4
Task one : revision questions
You are going to get a packet of questions. Share them out amongst your group.
Either work through them together OR divide them out
It is vital that you feedback your answers to the rest of the group.
Write in full sentences in your books.

Task two: Poetry speed dating!
You will be given a number
Some of you will be the sitter some will be moving.
The sitters will be given a poem
The mover needs to then impress the sitter by telling them all they know about the given poem!

Lesson three: STARTER: classification cards
Using the cards, pick a card at random and test your partner.

Example questions:
Give me a two sentence summary
Explain a key image from the poem
How is the poem structured and why?

Task four: making links
Now select two poems at random.
Discuss how they link. Compare and contrast the poems.

Make some notes in your book.

Repeat this task at least once more for two more poems.

ELT for Tuesday
Revise the poems in the cluster.

We are going poetry speed dating...who is going to be a poetry hotty and who will be the poetry notty?!
WALT: be able to explain and analyse key GCSE poems
Past Exam Questions: 2012
Question 7
0 7 Compare the ways poets explore strong feelings about another person in ‘Quickdraw’
(page 53) and in one other poem from Relationships. (36 marks)
Question 8
0 8 Compare the ways poets use language to present relationships in ‘Praise Song for My
Mother’ (page 56) and in one other poem from Relationships. (36 marks)
Mark scheme

To be able to analyse language and structure in key poems.
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