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Be Different!

Keynote speech for NLS6

Ruth Kneale

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Be Different!

The Alternative
Librarian Lifestyle Pontifications on Being Different Ruth Kneale Systems Librarian Scary tough Struggle but it's worth it! challenge Academic
Advertising & Marketing
Biomedical & Life Sciences
Business & Finance
Competitive Intelligence
Environment & Resource Management
Food, Agriculture & Nutrition
Government Information
Information Technology
Insurance & Employee Benefits
Knowledge Management Leadership & Management
Military Libraries
Museums, Arts & Humanities
Petroleum & Energy Resources
Pharmaceutical & Health Technology
Physics, Astronomy & Mathematics
Science & Technology
Social Science
Solo Librarians
Transportation New Librarian's Symposium 6 weird daughter engineer Mommy cat lady bellydancer wife haircolor experimentalist friend "Your big opportunity may be
right where you are now."
Napoleon Hill "Change brings opportunity."
Nido Qubein Why Be Different? I'm Different! You're Different! They're Different! Special Libraries Embed Yourself! Talkin' Titles Archivist
Digital Services Coordinator
Information Resource Manager
Learning Resource Center Coordinator
Reference Librarian Digital Asset Manager
Emerging Technology Specialist
Science Informatics Analyst
Technology Development Librarian
User Experience Designer geek author Obi-wan systems
librarian Thank You! rkneale@nso.edu
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