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This app is built for referrals!

It pays to partner with Howard

Howard Shin

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of This app is built for referrals!

on the road,
good news!
Howard Shin
Toll-Free: 1-888-959-2524 Ext. 108
E-Mail: howard@smartrates.net
Click on "get started" banner below to get your app!
How can your clients download your app?
Why would download your app?
They can
Win Prizes

They can
Get Savings
They can
Stay Informed
Invitation Card
Your App
Your Desktop

end with,
or just out with some friends,
at home,
At Prezi, we
Big Ideas
Adam Somlai Fisher
was created by an
with his own
fine artist
Prezi operates on a freemium business model, which makes Prezi available to all.
The company has been cash-flow positive since year one.
people are now using Prezi
More than 16 million
From Budapest
To San Francisco
To make sharing ideas more
Peter Arvai CEO
Peter Halacsy CTO
Adam Somlai Fischer
2 new prezis every second!
TED Conferences invested in Prezi because of their shared mission: helping people share great ideas.
In 2011, Prezi raised a Series B financing led by Accel Partners.
product innovation
millions of reusable prezis.
redesigned user-interface,
3D capabilities,
So, why do you need a smartphone app?
Did you know that
over 75% of your referrals vanish

long before it reaches you?
Hey, do you know a good real-estate agent?
Yeah, my agent is great! You should give
him a call.
- Your client replies
Your clients just for downloading it!
Instead of spending money on advertising, I give away hundreds of dollars worth of movie tickets and gift cards on your behalf every month.
- are selected at random
their prizes are mailed
to them to reinforce
App also gives savings to
a variety of goods and services.
- I continuously add new savings locations
- If your client is a business owner, you can
even offer them

free advertising in your app
Your competitors are automatically blocked so that your clients cannot see them (You have category exclusivity)

can stay up-to-date with your industry news!
You can create newsletters through the admin website
and your clients
can access them directly with their app!
I provide you with these invitation cards for
Back of the cards tell them why they should download your app
(and how)
Or use the of the app them to download.
Or from the desktop at once!
can your app do?

If your industry allows,
can add referral commission

to the person that sent you
the business.
You can also
create and send
like birthday and anniversary greetings.

and broadcast
to your clients

on a selected date!
The fact is, referrals doesn't mean much
if you don't know who the prospect is
and who recommended you...
No matter where
Your Name
Your Info
This app is built for referrals!

- A friend asks
"Alright, I'll get back to you later with his number."
Let's hope your client remember to pass along your information.
And how often have you heard someone say,
"I recommended you to someone. Did he call yet?"
- Your clients can recommend you
- The app instantly lets you know
who (Prospect)
- And so
that you can follow-up
a recommendation e-mail
from your client
is sent to your prospect!
With everything they should know
from your clients!
can also call or e-mail you from the app,
How do download your app?
always keeping you "top of mind" and accessible.
The app made it simple for people to recommend you,
win prizes
your clients
When your clients win
addressed from you
your brand
your clients
Your clients
your clients
your clients!
administrator version
to invite
import your contact list
to invite everyone
touch-point reminders
create newsletters
It pays to partner with me. Ask me how you can get my Prepaid Visa Card for FREE!
What else
your clients are...
these conversations
just a click
your potential client is
who recommended you
about you,
Your clients
you will always be
just a click away
from your next referral!
- System notifies your referral
source that you have
rewarded them
- Your back-end website
records these transactions
for your accounting needs
I invest in your business because I believe you will help mine!
Great way to collect contact data (Like during open house)
I even give you a video file you can insert into your website that tells your clients why they should get your app!
(Want to see how I promote it on my site? Click play button on above image)
I invest in your business because I believe you can help mine.
Let me start by giving you a smartphone app that will help you get more referrals from your clients!
Take a look at how your clients are recommending
you right now.
Prize draw ticket

are sent to your clients'
smartphone app
automatically every

- It's just like getting a new lottery ticket from you every month
- They're more likely to keep your app since it continuously gives them
new chances to win
Best rates, exceptional service and fast approvals for your clients, plus:
- And a comp structure for you that can't be beat, even if your
clients get mortgage from me without telling you first!
- I gift your clients on your behalf to keep them engaged with you
- Absolutely no additional work for you (Just hand out the cards)
- I give you everything you'll need to drive more referrals to you
(Smartphone app, invitation cards, video file for your site, etc.)
your opportunity goes colder
with each passing hour.
- And they earn additional prize draw tickets whenever they recommend
you to their friends!
told you instantly who your prospect is and who recommended you.
And your prospect received
your digital brochure, all at the same time.
Now you have
everything you need
to take action
to capture that business!
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