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Chapter 7 Introduction

Chapter 7 Launching the Nation

Sam Sicilia

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 7 Introduction

Washington Biography Neutrality and Debt How did Washington demonstrate the following characteristics?:
courage, character, honor Washington's Inauguration Chapter Overview In this chapter you will learn how the nation's leaders organized their new government by paying off the national debt, dealing with foreign and domestic conflicts, and forming political parties. U.S. Court System The End of Washington's Presidency The Whiskey Rebellion John Adams's Presidency Political Parties Launching the Nation Chapter 7 Introduction What is the highest court in the country? Which court system handles more cases? Federal or State George Washington Native Americans in the Northwest Territories Washington's Farewell Address John Adams's Presidency The XYZ Affair Staying out of the French Revolution Understaning the National Debt Hamilton vs. Jefferson Why do you think George Washington spoke so softly during his swearing in ceremony? What words does he add at the end (that he isn't asked to say)? Questions 1 Question 2 Do you think that President Washington should have supported the French in their war against Great Britain? Why or why not? Question 3 Question 4 Whose opinion do you agree with more: Hamilton, Jefferson, or Adams? The main issue they are arguing is how much authority should the central (federal) government have? Question 5 Who owns the most U.S. debt? Why doesn't the speaker think that the debt isn't a huge problem at the moment? Question 6 Question 7 Who would you side with in the Whiskey Rebellion: the distillers or President Washington? Question 8 Do you think Native Americans in the Northwest Territories were treated fairly by the U.S. Government? How would life in the Midwest (i.e. Michigan) be different if the Treaty of Greenville had not been signed? Question 9 What are the three things Hip Hughes wants you to remember about Washington's Farewell Address? Question 10 What were the main beliefs of the Democratic-Republican Party? What were the main beliefs of the Federalist Party? Question 11 In your opinion, what was John Adams's greatest accomplishment as President?
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