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Career Shadowing

No description

Kellcee Jacklin

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing Project Kellcee Jacklin
P.6 Purpose of the company: The purpose of Sumit is to administer
worker's compensation insurance. Where Summit will be in 15 years: Employability skills needed: Average salary/education: Technology used: Computers, e-mail, phones, fax, copiers Skills needed: Would you pursure a career with this company? No, I would not. This type of buisness does not intrigue me, I am still set on becoming a college professor. What is liked best: What is disliked: Instructions: when Prezi zooms in, be sure to push the down arrow on the keyboard! In 15 years, Summit will be in 14-15 states with a billion dollars in revenue. "homework" working at home when needed, on time, being respectful to your boss, being within you're dress code, (slacks and non-revealing clothing app. for an office) A basic college degree is required and that average salary is about 50,000 dollars and up per year. Solving a problem for someone, and solving crimes against the company. The criminal people professionalism, and time management The beautiful swan that Summit
purchased at an auction. My mentor, working at her desk. My BEAUTIFUL mentor, Melissa Snider. Swanie! (I called him this all day.) PICTURES
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