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No description

Jae Hyun Oh

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Population

How do we solve population issues in LEDCs and MEDCs?
* Aging population
~ Decreasing workforce

* Increasing unemployment
~Increasing emigrants for jobs
~Decreasing population

United States of America
Infant mortality rate
Literacy rate
Access to basic services
Unemployment rate
Population pyramid
Different Countries' Facts
Beltramo, Carlos. "Spain's Government Sees Folly of Falling Fertility." Population Research Institute. Wineskin Media, n.d. Web. 20 Aug. 2013. <http://www.pop.org/content/spains-government-sees-folly-of-falling-1942>.

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GNI per capita
* Not enough space
- Decreased accommodation opportunities

* Cost of expenses increases
- Have to work harder to earn enough money

* More aging population and a low fertility rate
- Lower GDP growth

Lack of space
* Develop additional land -> recycle land

Aging population
* Increase the retirement age

Rapid increase of population growth
* Birth control and Family planning

Increasing unemployment
* Focus on different sectors (agriculture, manufacture, service, etc)

Rapid increase of fertility/birth rates
* Wait-and-See pattern (postpone having babies if there is poor economy)
* narrow the difference with the replacement rate



Americans create a greater environmental impact than 1.25billion Chinese or one billion Indians
- environmental pollution

The lifestyles and social health of Americans are degraded

Increasing unemployment
- birth rates decreasing
- less immigrants
- more emigrants leaving the country to look for jobs
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What is MEDC?

* More economically developed country
What is LEDC?
* Less economically developed country
What is NIC?
* Newly Industrialised country
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