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Revealing a new perspective - Web 2.0

How we can utilise Web 2.0

Harry Sharman

on 2 October 2011

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Transcript of Revealing a new perspective - Web 2.0

Essentially Prezi allows you to create some perspetive, leading to.... How Web 2.0 can improve ARUK's cutting edge research Because Web 2.0 can make research more insightful, more engaging and more exciting!

How? You can zoom into important points for emphasis.... ...And you can zoom back out for that holistic viewpoint What is the Web 2.0 initiative?

Why should you care........... Qualitative Research Tool
The Thinking Shed Podcasts The Bigger Picture Let's take Prezi for example... Important point Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Annotate diagrams/pictures
Write Diaries
Online Forum/Blog
Questionnaire Prezi... $159 Per Year Offline & Online use No More Time Spent Producing Client Does not need special equipment What? Why? What else? What use? Key Message Testing Presentation Summary Internet Conferencing Live Chat Anywhere Prezi.com Web 2.0 - Making Our Cutting Edge Sharper! I will show.....
1) Prezi
2) The Thinking Shed
3) Podcasts
4) Nefsis Tabular Rasa
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