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'Pitch of an idea' presentation

Osman Zafar and Tom Andrews, 2013

Osman Zafar

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of 'Pitch of an idea' presentation

Osman Zafar & Tom Andrews
Client management
Business development
"Developing and maintaining strong client relationships"
Adding value: first port of call for all legal issues (and some)
Exposure to the dynamics of different sectors
Expectation management
Ultimate responsibility for legal (and some) advice
Managing people at the top of their game...

Developing networking skills and networks beyond The City...

Possible PR opportunities...

A spark for
Personal management
Technical knowledge
Blue sky thinking...?/Head in the clouds...?/What would it mean for Bristows...?
Submissions to regulators
Memorandum and articles
Employment contracts
Agreements with third parties (universities, galleries etc.)
Time management
Firm management
"Manage own time": most pro bono time demands are flexible, leading to an efficient use of down time
Ultimate responsibility for "timely delivery" of and quality of legal advice
Internal relationships
External relationships
Research/points of law
Charities law
Trade marks
Commercial IP
How do you grow a lawyer?
Project management
"Primary day-to-day responsibility" for bite-sized projects
"Act as an adviser by understanding the client, the sector and the associated risks"
"Manage and run" client and board meetings
"Keeping client's objectives under review and responding appropriately to changing circumstances"
Early responsibility for billing/disbursements
Opening your horizons
This is just an idea: all views expressed are
entirely personal.
"To develop relationships with other professionals outside the firm [...]"
"Build internal relationships through [...] other practice areas, working with and supporting both junior and senior colleagues"
With partners, e.g. Mark Hawes, Mark Watts, Paul Walsh, Linda Farrell etc.
And others, e.g. Corrine Harries, Erika Games, Richard Swaine, James Brunger, Faye Weedon, Sally Dunstan, Ruth Dabbs, Rob Turner etc.
"Act as a source of advice to others, sharing knowledge and expertise"
"Have strong relationships and profile among senior colleagues"
"Understand risk management", especially balancing legal absolutes and commercial/practical realities
Learning to manage advice from other lawyers
Management: helping to determine staffing requirements, recruitment/interviewing, carrying out appraisals, salary reviews etc.
Once upon a time in 2013...
"Have an awareness of the possibility of cross-selling work to other practice areas"

Growth of the social enterprise model
Business development
There is a cost:
pro bono clients don't pay much...

But the cost is not as high as it seems:
undamentally, Bristows would simply be facilitating lawyers who are willing to give up their own time...

There's plenty that still needs to be considered...
What could it look like...?/Next steps...?
risk assessment, further conversations
pitch the idea to NQs (and junior lawyers?)
September - December:
match those interested with a charity
January - June:

develop relationships
July - August:
July - August: volunteers to consider trustee positions

Isn't this the kind of firm we want to be...?
Final thoughts...?
The benefits for a small charity - our experience
Why do it?
People United
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