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Tea,Coffe or Cola which stains your teeth the most?

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Alondra Becerril

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Tea,Coffe or Cola which stains your teeth the most?

Tea,Coffee or Cola which stains your teeth the most?
By; Alondra Becerril
1. Eggs
2. Coffee
5. Three Large Containers
6. Paper
7. Pencil
8. Water
9. Needle/ Knife
The purpose of this project is to find out which one of the following drinks have the most affect in the teeth. Tea, Cola or Coffee. By Using an egg shell since its white we could see the difference.Most teeth might get stained by the age because of the minerals. In this case drinks are the major effect on the yellow stains in your teeth.
Most people asks how do there teeth get stains. They might ask what does it take to get that. It is really surprising and ugly when your teeth are yellowish and you don't know how. Well in this project 3 most common drinks will be tested to see which one of the following are the most affective Cola, Tea or Coffee. The results will be shown in egg shells These 3 drinks are the ones that could have the most affect in different ways but they still do.
My hypothesis is that I think Cola will have the most affect stains in the egg shell because of its different ingredients and the amount of sugar in contains. Sugar really affect the growing and the care of out tooths
1.Gather all needed materials such as Cola, Tea and Coffee
2.Filled in the same size containers with 3 different liquids.
3. Gathered 3 eggs and a needle/knife and hollowed it.
4. Took yolk and white out washed the egg shell.
5. Once the teaand coffee ready placed egg in each container.
6. Three Days: Each day remove the egg from container and observe discoloration.
7. Compare the effects of the three diffent liquids. Collect Data.
1. Coffee Results

2. Cola Results

3. Tea Results.

Teeth represent the different color of each egg after 3 days they all resulted differently because of the liquids.
In conclusion my hypothesis was wrong because of my though thinking that the cola was going to have the most affect because of its ingrediantes and amount of sugar but i was wrong. The liquid that most affected the stain was the coffe even though it did not have sugar the color was the most affected compare to the ea it had not much of affect it change but not as much as the cola and coffe. Lastly but not least it doesnt matter if you drink it once in a while but if its frequenntly when you drink any of these then be careful remeber to brush your teeths and visit your dentist evey six months
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