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What Portuguese teenagers love about Portugal ?

No description

Carina Faria

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of What Portuguese teenagers love about Portugal ?

What Portuguese teenagers love about Portugal ?
I dear to say that portuguese teenagers love football and almost all teenagers have their football team like FCPorto , Benfica or Sporting and also Portuguese Selection that is the one that represents Portugal .
But that is specially for boys and girls well, almost every portuguese teenage girl love portuguese soap operas.
RFM sunset
Meo Sudoeste
Rock in Rio Lisboa
Most of portuguese teenagers love american singers starting on
and ending on
But these teenagers also like portuguese rappers like
Portuguese food can be a little bit complex and most of portuguese teens don't like that and prefer fast food like hamburgers, chips and sodas or pizza.

But there's two things that portuguese teens love on portuguese food and that is
bolo do caco
Most of portuguese teens think that parents should trust more on them and also think that the government is wrong cause isn't fare that they can't take license sooner if at 16 years old they already respond at court.
30% of portuguese teenagers like exploring all the different parts of Portugal since the forest to the sea.

I think the best thing for portuguese teenagers is the beach cause we have a good weather and good beaches so teenagers appropriate that to surf or to chill watching the sea.
Tânia Meneses nº11
Carina Faria nº1
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