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William Alexander Henry

No description

Fatemeh M

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of William Alexander Henry

Occupation W. A. Henry was a lawyer, politician and a judge. province of residence W. A. Henry was a residence in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Family Information Political Party Henry was in The Liberal in the years of 1840-1857 and 1870-1888 and he was in The Conservative in the years of 1857-1870. Confederation Support William Alexander Henry supported Confederation because he urged the people of Nova Scotia to join in the dominion. Henry didn't support Confederation until he attended the first Conference in Charlottetown, Nova Scotia. He actively promoted the Confederation in Nova Scotia. SOURCE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Alexander_Henry
http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/confederation/023001-4000.35-e.html William Alexander Henry Born December 30, 1816
Died May 3, 1888 (age 71 in Ottawa)
Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Went to Halifax High before going to study law.
He married Sophia Caroline McDonald in 1841, but Sophia died in 1845. They had 1 son.
He married for the second time to Christina McDonald and had 7 children. Confederation Before the Charlottetown Conference, Henry had an interest in the idea of union. His opinion changed in the 1st conference, he became convinced that Confederation would be the best way to achieve an Intercontinental Railway and free trade. WHO AM I? Went to all three Confederation Conferences
He was one of the ones who adopted the Seventy-Two Resolution
He was Canadian, born in Halifax, Nova Scotia
He was a lawyer
He was in both The Liberal and The Conservatives
The Political Leader of Canada
Mayor of Halifax in 1870
He had 8 kids
Born December 30, 1816
Died May 3, 1888 (71 years old) THANK YOU
:) Quote "Look at an infantryman's eyes and you can tell how much war he has seen." Major Contributions Made to Confederation He faced the task of defending the Québec Resolutions against the anti-Confederation movement.
He was one of the guys who adopted the Québec Resolutions into the British North America Act. Some more information about W. A. Henry W. A. Henry went to all three Confederation conferences that were in Charlottetown, Quebec, and London.
Henry adopted the Seventy-Two Resolutions
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