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why are cheetahs so fast? look at this!!!!!

Merritt Woods

on 3 March 2014

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fear the spots!!!!!!!

Cheetahs are the fastest land animals. The only other animal whose speed is close to the cheetah's is the gazelle. So, my question
why are cheetahs so fast

could have something to do with the cheetah's favorite meal. If the cheetah was not fast enough to catch the gazelle, it would starve to death. However, the cheetah has evolved and adapted itself to run as fast as the gazelle, if not faster.
How Fast
The cheetah can reach speeds of 70 miles per hour (112 kilometers per hour).
This makes it
fast and allows it to hunt down a gazelle. (now that's fast!)
There are many big cats in the wild, like leopards, lions, jaguars, tigers and ocelots. However, none of these cats can match the cheetah's speed. The cheetah has the necessary body design to make sure that it can survive in its environment.
It has a long, thin, and light weight body. A cheetah weighs only about 125 pounds, as compared to a lion that could weigh more than 400 pounds. Its body reduces the resistance to wind (aerodynamics) while it is running.

It has longer and more powerful back legs that make it able to take fewer strides to reach from one point to the next.

In proportion to the cheetah's body, its head is pretty small and this also reduces the resistance to wind. The cheetah also has extra-long eyes for wide-angle vision, even while running and tear drop markings around their eyes which helps to prevent glare.
If the cheetah did not have the features I am about to tell you, it would not be able to
run as fast, and it would be like the other big cats.
So here they are.
The extremely long tail works like a rudder (on an airplane) that allows the cheetah to maintain its balance while running in the direction it wants to. It has a flexible spine or back bone,which helps to propel it forward. Its claws don't fully retract and its special ridged paw pads give it lots of traction to help it start running.

The cheetah has large lungs, large nostrils, and a large heart. The large nostrils and lungs make sure that a lot of oxygen is taken into its body, while the large heart ensures that the oxygen-rich blood is pumped to its strong muscles when the cheetah is running.

This adaptation allows a cheetah to maintain short bursts of speed. All these features allow the cheetah to run fast and hunt down its prey.
thx for watching my prezi!!!!
watch this for the end of my prezi!
my info places




science.howstuffworks/zoology/mammals/ cheetah-speed.htm

and my mom (she did a research project on cheetahs when she my age)

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