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Ellie Scott

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Earmuffs!

Earmuffs are very useful. They keep your ears nice and toasty warm during winter. Earmuffs have been around for what seems like ages, and they are very helpful when those winter storms roll into town!
Who, When and Where?
The earmuffs, back then know as Greenwood's Ear Protector, were invented by Chester Greenwood way back in 1873. He lived in Farmington, Maine. He invented his ear protectors in the winter time, and he was very happy that he invented these things.
Why did he invent the earmuff?
Greenwood's ears got cold. Really cold. They were very sensitive, and they turned white, then red, then blue. In that order. Anyways, Chester did may things outside during the winter, like running around town. One day, he went to the pond to skate, and the freezing air sent him running home. He needed something that would protect his ears from the cold. When he got home, he found his grandmother, and together they created the very first earmuffs!
What did he use?
Earmuffs are basically a wire with two puffs on the end that touch the ears. The first model consisted beaver fur on the outside, and he decided to use a soft velvet for the part that touched the ears. For the band, he used a soft wire called farm wire. Modern earmuffs now have a soft, fuzz fabric around the band, and they usually have a lot of fluffy material on the outside. The fabric that touches the ears is very soft because many people have sensitive ears, like Chester Greenwood.
How does it work?
The band is placed over the head, and the fluffy part covers the ears. The fluffy part protects your ears from the cold, and it keeps your ears toasty warm. Also, the band fits against the head very nicely, so you can put a hat over your earmuffs so your head can be warm too!
Earmuffs have many designs and styles these days.
Have there been any changes?
Earmuffs have changed a lot over the course of time since they were invented. The design has most certainly changed. Greenwood had even modified the design! The fabrics used to make the earmuffs had changed dramatically. What used to be beaver fur, is now factory-made fur. Although, a good modern-day addition to the earmuffs is an adjustable headband. The band worn on top of the head is now adjustable, which makes them a better fit.
Earmuffs are a great invention, and many people use earmuffs to this day! They are super awesome!
Ellie Scott

Core 4 Science





My mind
What are earmuffs?
Earmuffs are worn on the head to protect your ears from the cold and keep them warm. Earmuff have a soft, fuzzy fabric that touches the ears, so they stay warm. There is a band that goes on the head to keep the earmuffs in place. Earmuffs can be worn underneath a hat to keep your head and ears warm. Earmuffs are most commonly worn in the inter because it is cold.
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