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Chapter 2

Emplyment and Careers Benefits Cover Letter/Resume? job application

Victoria --

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 2

Personal Finance Chapter 2
Emplyment and Careers
Cover Letter
Job Application
A career is a commitment to a
profession that requires continued
training and offeres a clear
path for occupational growth Trade-Offs of Career Decisions some people choose employment that is challenging and offers personal satisfation rather than employment that can make you the most money.
some people refuse promotions that would require thier moving their families to new locations
Many parents choose part-time jobs to spend more time with their childre,
some people give up their secure job positions to operate their own business career training and skill development Your level of training affects your
financial success.more education increases your
potential earning power, and
reduces your chances to be unemployed $1.5 million $2 million $2.3 million $2.8 Million 2 year vocational degree Bachelor's Degree Master's Deree Professional or docorate Degree { Stages of
planning and
advancement 1.
Access and research
personal goals,
and career fields 2.
Evaluate the
employment market
and identity
specific employmemt
opportunities 3.
Devolp a resume and cover
letter; apply
for available
Interview for available
positions;assess your
Evaluate finance
and other
factors of positions
you are
Plan and
implement a
program for

a summary of education, training, experience, and qualifications,
provides prespective employers with an overview of your potential contributions to an organization. correspondence you send with a resume to communicate your inbterest in a job and to obtain an interview
Components of a resume are... Personal Data Section Start with your name, address, and phone number. Both a school and home address and phone number may be appropriate. Career Objective Section focus your objectives to each employment situation. You may omit the career objective, and put in the cover letter Education Section This section should include dates, schools attended, fields of study, and degrees earned. Courses directly related to your career should be included, as well as your GPA, if it was high in school. Experience Section in this section list organizations, dates of involement, and responsibilities, and community services.
Highlight computer skills, technical abilities. Related Information Section In this section list honors, or awards to communicate your ability to provide quality work.
List other interest and activities if they relate to your career References Section In this section list people who can verify your skills. These people can be teachers, previous employers, supervisors, or business collegues. Types of Resumes Cronological Presents your education, and work experience from most recent to past. Functional for people with diverse skills, and time gaps in their experience. This resume emphasizes your abilities, and skills in different categories. Targeted Resume for a specific job. It highlights the experiences most appropriate for the job Cafeteria Style Programs that allow workers to base their job benefits on personal needs flexible spending plans
or expense reimbursements Plan that allows you to set aside part of your salary for paying medical or dependent care expenses Medical-Spending Accounr MSA allows people who are self employed or work for a company with few empoyees to pay for health care with pretax dollars Tips for a good resume Keep the format simple
avoid bold type, underlines, italics, and tabs Don't use attached files that may be hard to open limit to one page
Elements of a Cover Letter Introduction Development Conclusion Get reader's attention
indicating reason by referring to the job
mention the name of the person that reffered you. Highlight the aspects of your background
Refer the employer back to your resume
connect your skills and background to specific organizational needs. Request action from the employer
include contact information
end letter by stating how you'd better organization Key points to consider when filling out an application make sure that you bring along all the information you need to complete all the questions. Addresses, phone numbers, references, etc. need to be correct

Information Honesty Legibility refrain from lying on your application, it can be checked, and if you lie it can cost you your job. Along with correct spelling and grammar, be sure to use an ink pen (not marker) in either black or blue ink. Be sure to write in print. The End over 40 years
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