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Toronto Maple Leafs

No description

Random Person

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs The Toronto Maple Leafs are ice hockey players in Toronto Ontarion. Toronto
Maple leafs started in the early 1917 in Montreal. In all they are 50 players Work Cite:
Toronto Maple Leafs History
website: mapleleafs.nhl.com/club/page. How many head coahes did the Maple Leafs already has? They have already have already have 36 coahes including the one they have now and 16 of them have passed away (R.I.P) The one thnat they have now is name is Ron wilson. Almost all the coaches that they have had became players after they were done coahching the team. Work Cite:
Wikipedia The place where they
keep thier playing suits. They are playing hockey Toronto Maple Leafs year logos How many stanly cups do they have now?? They have 13 stanly cups. Toronto Maple Leafs
use to have differents kinds of names before 1.Torontos (1917-18)
2.Torontos Arenas (1918-19)
3.Toronto St.Patrics (1919-27)
4. Toronto Maple Leafs (1927- present) This is one of the the
Stanly cup that they won This is one of their stanly cup that they won. Years that they have
won the stanly cup:
1918, 1922, 1932, 1942,
1945, 1947, 1948, 1948,
1951, 1962, 1963,1964,
1967... and they are
goin to keep on winning. Work Cite:
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