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Capital City Internship Program (CCIP) - Student Spotlight

Central Michigan University

Erik Simon

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Capital City Internship Program (CCIP) - Student Spotlight

CMU Career Services

Want to join the CCIP Network?
Send your resume to:

Erik Simon
Career Coach
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Student Intern Spotlight
Kate Barnes
Fall 2012 - Lambert, Edwards, & Associates: Public Relations Firm
Major: Journalism
Status: Senior
Memorable Moment:

"Getting to work on the campaign for casinos was really interesting. Seeing the behind the scenes action was definitely eye-opening. Working at the PR Office, the client projects gave me experience in research and compilation of target audiences."

Megan Gill
Spring 2013 - Governor's Office: Constituent Relations
Major: Political Science and English
Status: Senior
Memorable Moment:

"My most beneficial experience through CCIP has been the connections I have made, both through and outside of my internship. I had a chance to meet Vice President Kathy Wilbur, who actually put in a recommendation for me in the Governor's office for the internship.I also met Emmy Pontz, who works for Senator Darwin Booher and is Chair of the Young Professional Republicans in Lansing. I have spoken with her more and plan to join the group upon graduation."

Megan's Internship led to:
Constituent Relations Coordinator
Republican House of Representatives

Lansing, MI
Breanna Stadel
Spring 2013 - Senator Judy Emmons: Clinton, Ionia, Isabella and Montcalm Counties
Major: Political Science (Public Administration)
Journalism (Public Relations)
Status: Sophomore

Why did you join CCIP?

"I joined CCIP because I was looking for experiences to enhance my resume. Also, I knew I wanted to work for the government but I wasn’t sure what in government I wanted to do."

Breanna's Internship led to:
Legislative Aid
Senator Judy Emmons

Lansing, MI

Chloe Grabowski
Spring 2013 - Senate Democratic Central Policy Staff
Major: Political Science
Status: Junior

Advice to future interns:

"Be open and willing to take on any project someone gives you. If your direct supervisor does not have any projects for you, then seek out other work from different staffers. Being proactive is always a good thing."

Chloe's Internship led to:
Federal Internship
Senator Debbie Stabenow

Washington D.C.

Xavier Essex
Spring 2013 - Department of Human Services: Web Specialist
Major: Finance (Information Systems)
Status: Freshman

Why did you join CCIP?

"I chose to join CCIP because I knew it would be beneficial and supplemental to my overall professional and college success."

Josh Stutesman
Spring 2013 - Department of Natural Resources: Quality of Life Division
Major: Integrative Public Relations
Status: Sophomore
Josh's Internship led to:
Development Internship

Support students (6-18) and teachers with creative/expository writing skills

Ann Arbor, MI

Take the first

Mt. Pleasant, MI
Lansing, MI
Stacey Johnston
Summer 2013 - Department of Human Services: Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare
Department of State: Office of Technology and Special Projects
Majors: Political Science and Social Work (Psychology minor)
Status: Junior

How will your internship help you in a future internship or job?

"Both positions have allowed me to see into the world of the state-level public sector first-hand. As a result, I feel much better prepared to work in a professional public sector setting after graduation. In addition, my temporary position with the MDOS led me to a long-term student assistant position working for the same office where I use my newly acquired skills on a daily basis."

Stacey's Internship led to:
Long-term Paid Student Assistantship
Department of State

Lansing, MI
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