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to try and encourage people to stop deforestation and save the amazon.

lily hall

on 2 December 2012

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Save the Amazon Rainforest Try and stop people to stop deforestation
so that we have the rainforest for us to benefit us and also the next generation. Deforestation Things you can do to help give something
in return stop using things from the rainforest! deforestation Loggers how deforestation can start or does start! why we need the trees? medicines Oxygen food how the rainforest
us! the rainforest benefits us by medicines we get
most and a lot of our medicines by the rainforest
such as paracetamol and aspiring. also
medicines that can cure cancer can be found in
the rainforest this helps a lot of people all over
the world so if we didn't have this the chances
would be most people would die by cancer
and not survive. So the Amazon Rainforest
does benefit us a lot for medicines. food benefits the local tribes by giving them food to eat. They collect food by fishing. They mostly fish in the rainforest and don't really hunt for animals in the rainforest but they are killing so many camen are using it to waste soon they will be extincted as well as other fish in the rivers such as piracu a extremely huge fish that can feed the village. Although all of this is over fishing and bad for the environment by losing lodes of species, it feeds the people who live there keeping them alive. we need the amazing amazon rainforest trees to benefit us in many ways such as:
1. so we can have more oxygen because trees produce it.
2. so we have lots of species to see in the world
3. so the next generation get to see the wonderful nature in the world.
4. so we have less co2 in the air.
we need the trees for all of these things and more because it benefits all of the world. the loggers are the people that go to the rainforest and chop down the trees they do this for money to sell to people also for themselves to make things people usually do this illegally and destroy the rainforest while doing this but police are always looking for these for these people and if they do not have a certificate to back them up they will go to jail sometimes as long as life, however although this is bad for the local tribes and the world this benefits cattle farmers and there jobs for space for there cattle's. deforestation usually happens by loggers who cut down the trees illegally for money to sell but not all the time this is the case. A lot of the times deforestation is caused by forest fires from people who aren't acting safe in the rainforest most of the forest fires are accidents but spread through all of the layers of the forest; forest floor; shrub layer; understorey; canopy and emergent layer. This happens so quickly because fire spreads extremely fast on wood which all of the trees are made of. But some people purposely do burn down trees like cattle farmers so it's faster and more easy to create space for there cattle's. deforestation is clearing the earth More than
half of Earth’s rain forests have already been
lost forever to the insatiable human demand for
wood and arable land. Rain forests that once
grew over 14 percent of the land on Earth now
cover only about 6 percent. And if current
deforestation rates continue, these critical
habitats could disappear from the planet
completely within the next hundred years. Every time you cut down a tree plant 3 more
trees this will help because you will try and grow
more trees than you took so each time anyone
cuts down a tree 3 more are being planted trying
to make the tree population BIGGER !!! oxygen benefits everybody around the world
because the trees give of oxygen creating air
for everyone around the world to breath so if
we don't have enough trees around the world
it will give us less oxygen and more co2 in
the air which is bad for the Environment
and the world! try and use less; paper; tissues; napkins; kitchen tissues and toilet tissue this is because trees are made up of all these things and 1 tree makes 1 piece of paper so think of how much paper we have in the world and how many trees must of died to make it. USE LESS Companies can make an impact by introducing zero-deforestation policies that require suppliers to produce commodities such as timber, beef, soy, palm oil and paper
fiber in a way that has a minimal impact on natural forests and the climate. Companies can also introduce paper procurement policies that set ambitious targets to maximize
use of post consumer recycled wood, pulp, paper and fiber
in their products and ensure that any virgin fiber used is certified by a rigorous third party certification system
such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
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