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Anisa Leonard

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Oreos

Sugar or High fructose corn syrup
Enriched wheat
Canola oil
Soy lecithin
Baking Powder Raw Products By: Caeli, Anisa, Liantsoa, Ngina and Katie Oreos Manufacturing Packaging The oreo packaging we know now took over one hundred years to create Distribution The factory that makes Kenya's Oreos is located in Indonesia. Marketing Fun Facts!! 3,000 Oreo cookies are
made in 1 minute at a single factory :) History Grown in Indonesia..... Imported from Europe and North America Oreo cookie manufacturing factories
are spread worldwide. 1912
Oreos are born
Bulky box
$o.35 per lb. 1915
Switched to blue tin
gold was too bulky 1923
No more tin-on to cardboard It takes about 90 minutes for one
Oreo to go through the manufacturing
process. OREOS
Kenya's Oreos are manufactured in
Indonesia, Mauritania, and the
Philippines. Oreo Cookies are manufactured using large industrial machines. Manufacturing Process Manufacturing Process The dough is first cut out into circles while the company name
and the Oreo logo are pressed into the cookie. The cream is cut into circles and
then put on the smooth side of
the cookie. The cookies are then passed
onto a conveyer belt
to be packaged. The cookies are counted into rows of
eleven to be packaged. The rows of cookies are put into plastic containers
with 3 columns. The plastic containers are packaged into blue bags. THE OREO SONG :P 1924
They incorporate the hand of a woman on the box
The advertising is marketing twist The imported materials...... 1950
Oreo changes focus from women to children
Less words-more pics Oreo's net revenue is $4,048,100. 6.5 percent($2,425,000) is spent on marketing, advertising, and customer promotions. 1951
Oreo began to include the see through wrapping
Customers get a visual view The materials grown in Indonesia..... To Kenya....... product Users Oreo cookies are used by various companies.
such as: Coupons 1952
'Oh Oh Oreo; became very popular and then became incorporated onto the designs Oreos are resealable so that when you open them the crumbs will stick making them impossible to reseal. Thus making you purchase more

Oreo packaging changes in different parts of the world. 1960
several rows appear in one box 1975-1995
the packaging changes very little. Oreo also uses lots of jingles 1995
Changes dramatically to what we know today
the packages are no longer see through packaging They later make the packages resealable after complaints from the costumers when marketing Oreo's they often use children in the ads this entices the children watching to buy the product and imitate the Packaging March 6, 1912~
Year Titanic sinks and South Pole is discovered

April 2, 1912~
Cream in center introduced

Nabisco trade mark foundation

Nabisco design on cookie Original OREO Cookie Sam J. Porcello
"Mr. Oreo" Marketing Channels.... Indirect Direct Oreo’s original recipe used pork fat to create the creamy center. If all the Oreo's ever made were stacked up, they would reach the moon and back more than 5 times!! There are countless ways to eat an Oreo, even the staff at the Oreo factory can't decide on the one true method. Some of the ideas are..... Dunking the Oreo in coffee, Deep frying the Oreo Baking the Oreo in a cookie The Oreo Filling is Made of: Iconic Oreo slogans through the years:

1950: “Oh! Oh! Oreo!
1980: “For the Kid in All of Us.”
1982: “America’s Best Loved Cookie.”
1982: “The One and Only.”
1986: “Who’s the Kid with the Oreo Cookie?”
1990: “Oreo, the Original Twister.”
2004: “Milk’s Favorite Cookie.”
and the most recent and popular: "Twist. Lick. Dunk" Vegetable shortening and powdered sugar. The Oreo Cookie is made of: To make an annual batch of Oreo's needs 18 million pounds of cocoa and 47 million pounds of cream filling. Starbucks Milkshakes McDonlads Oreo ice cream Baskin Robins Oreo milkshakes and Oreo flavored ice cream, Dunkin' Donuts shakes
and doughnut toppings Breyers oreo flavoured ice cream Regardless of the different distribution channels, each Oreo will eventually end up in a satisfied consumer's stomach!! seasonal packages Halloween


OTHER OREO'S 100th Birthday Sizes of packages THEMED
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