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Action: What is it?

No description

Jennifer LeVarge

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Action: What is it?

Action: What is it?
Action in the PYP
successful inquiry leads to responsible student-initiated action
extends the students' learning, or
may have a wider impact
will LOOK DIFFERENT within each age range

"PYP schools CAN and SHOULD meet the challenge of offering all learners the OPPORTUNITY and POWER to:
choose to act
decide on their actions
reflect on these actions in order to
make a difference in the world
" (Making the PYP Happen, pg. 25)

more ideas/conundrums/queries/sticking points/big ideas
Student Involvement

opportunity for every
, every

opportunity for action is considered a

What are examples of action? Non-examples?

When is the last time you (as a learner) have taken action in response something you've learned?
Hart's Ladder of Young People's Participation

Challenges to Promoting and Leaving Space for Action
role of the teacher in creating opportunities that naturally lend themselves to students taking action

Implementing Action

"it's not about MAKING action happen, but LETTING it happen"

Where do we go from here?

what are the ways that we can make action more VISIBLE in our school community?
what more do we need to unpack?
action can be individual or collaborative
action is a powerful part of learning
it is promoted through a cycle of involvement and opportunity

The action cycle
Hart's Ladder of Young People's Participation


(fair, collaborative)
7. completely student-driven
6. student/teacher equality (even)
5. students consulted
4. students informed
3. tokenism
2. decoration
1. manipulation

child/adult partnerships
In the PYP, it is believed that:
not only CAN students identify appropriate action
teachers have a RESPONSIBILITY to
students choose which action to take
this action
students to
on the action they undertake
Action is...
elaborate and everyday
a project, an act, an idea
cyclical, process-oriented
demonstration of a student's empowerment in the context of our school culture
sometimes INaction
Action begins...
with the self
within the family
within the classroom
in the hallway
on the playground
"voluntary action must
remain precisely this
if we truly believe in
the values we advocate."
(MTPYPH, pg. 25)
Meaningful action is...
by adults in the community
based on the
of the school community/surrounding world
and involves students in exercising their own initiative
grounded in students' concrete
most beneficial when students can see the
natural extension
of learning, genuine concern, and/or commitment
focused on meaningful
consequences and responsibility
not always enacted in school and
may not be witnessed by the teacher
Feedback from the last IB PYP Evaluation Report

"meaningful student action" mentioned 3 times as recommendations
Philosophy, Practice 5: the school
promotes action within and beyond the school community
Curriculum, Practice 12:
teaching and learning develops student attitudes and skills that allow for meaningful student action in response to students' own needs and the needs of others
Curriculum, Practice 14b:
teaching and learning empowers students to take self-initiated action as a result of their learning

What Ed Said blog
How can we...
continue to make action a part of the written/planned curriculum?
further develop student attitudes and skills that allow for meaningful student action?
empower students to take action as a result of their learning?
Saturday, March 14
further unpack the concept of "participation"

develop a statement on what action IS at BISS

make action visible via our blogs
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