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Thirteen Reasons Why

Quarter 4 Book Project

aumn m

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why By: Jay Asher The Conflict(s) The conflicts in my book are with 3 but mostly two people. One is with Hannah, two with Clay Jensen, and three with the other people on the tapes. This theme mostly goes with, I think, all the characters. Every character played a part and had an event in others lives. One part in the book it tells how Hannah and Clay spent time together at a party and kissed and if felt like their first kiss. That small event really effected both their lives. Hannah could have told Clay what kind of thoughts she had about life but she didn't. Again if she did there wouldn't be a conflict of her suicide. This could have built a relationship between them but Hannah wouldn't share her feelings. Essential Question: What role do your relationships with others play in your life -- in your successes and failures, in the decisions you make, in how you behave or conduct yourself, etc? What I think In my book, most of the relationships turned out to make Hannah Baker's life harder. Even though Clay Jensen is also the main character he only wanted one relationship with Hannah because he really liked her. Whenever Hannah made a relationship it either created a rumor or it didn't work out. Relationships affected her life because she ended it. She didn't want any more relationships so she didn't want one with Clay either. Hannah commits suicide by eating pills. She does suicide when there are too many problems of little things affecting her relationships with others. She records tapes to express why she wants to die. Only those people get tapes that are reasons why she wanted to die. The conflict with Clay was he couldn't express his feelings about the relationship he wanted to create with Hannah. He could have made a relationship with her but if he did there wouldn't be a conflict. If he did then Hannah wouldn't die and Clay would've been with Hannah. The problem with the other people on the tapes is that they now feel guilty about the kind of relationship and behavior they had towards Hannah. Some of them have completely changed after listening to those tapes. And their relationship for others on the tapes have changed. Theme: The smallest events can have the biggest effects An event that lost a life was with Hannah and a cheerleader, Jenny that was also on Hannah's suicide tapes. This event also ruined the friendly relationship that was made between the two of them. After a party Hannah didn't feel good so Jenny was going to drop her off. As Jenny was driving they got in an accident and hit a stop sign that fell. Hannah told Jenny to call the police to tell that the stop sign fell. Jenny denied it and told Hannah to get out of the car and drove off. Hannah reported it herself to the police when she called but they said they already knew what happened. Hannah thought Jenny told the police. Hannah went to school the next day and found out there was an accident at that place that killed a senior in their school and injured an old man. It was because they didn't see the stop sign that was knocked down before by Jenny. And Jenny didn't report the police about the stop sign. Theme (Continued) Another event that describes the theme more is a list. A list that was who's hot and who's not. Alex, a boy in their class who created the list, ruined Hannah's and Jessica's friendship. Jessica got mad when Hannah was on the hot side and she wasn't. So Jessica fought with Hannah and gave her a scar after she hit her on her forehead. Because of a stupid list, their friendship was over. The way Jessica behaved made Hannah mad too. Hannah got mad because Jessica took a stupid, ridiculous list for a big deal. Their relationship with each other didn't get better after that. Character Traits (Hannah)
Friendly- Hannah tried being a good friend with everyone she thought would be a good friend to her. She was friends with people who she thought would care about her. She was always there for the person who needed her. A part is when she's new to the school and wants to become friends with another person that was knew. So they could experience high school together. She was working on becoming successful in making relationships. Smart- Hannah always had good grades. It was also because of the way she decided not to fail in school but make her successful in school and have positive reactions to her teachers. She didn't misbehave or get in trouble. Hannah was a bright student and never failed. Innocent- Hannah didn't ever do anything wrong to anybody. She was innocent when there were dirty rumors about her and rude judgments. She was honest in her relationships with other people and innocent. But no one believed what she was trying to prove. Everyone believed the rumors. Even her friends didn't think she was innocent because her friends created the rumors about her in the first place. Final Answer- I think all the relationships that took place in my book had a big impact on their success, failures, decisions and behavior. Especially Hannah Baker. Who tried really hard to keep her relationships with people perfect and going. But she wasn't successful so she decided to end her relationships and herself. She was acting friendly and nice and was fun to be around with. But really, all the relationships she built that she hopes could work, used her instead. Her friends, her boyfriend and people she tried being with. But later when she was gone it didn't effect her relationships with others. The other people's lives were effected because they didn't have a true relationship with her. Although, Clay wanted to have a relationship with her, she already wanted to die. Hannah was tired of making relationships that weren't gonna work. So Clay didn't get a chance. But if he did, there would be a Hannah Baker. She wouldn't have died. If she wouldn't have died nobody would've known what Hannah was going through.
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