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1. Gather supplies :paint artist choice ,some sort of contai

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Taylor Ginger

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of 1. Gather supplies :paint artist choice ,some sort of contai

How to Draw an Abstract Eye
2. Start with drawing a slanted lower case T with your pencil
3. Than draw straight curves down the horizontal part of the t making it half way down bend until the lines touch the bottom
4. round off the bottom part and the basic facial structure is formed
5. Draw a large circle ontop of the horizontal part of the t on the right side
6 .draw 2 smaller circles diagonal from each other then erase the line in the middle of the eye
7. than draw a curved line over the very top of the larger circle and underneath the bottom of the larger circle
8.than start from the tip of the curved line on top of the larger circle and go up a 1/2 cm than draw a small dot then starts drawing short lines that start going to the end of the end of the line
9. Then shade in the large circle except for the 2 diagonal circles. Then draw eye lashes which is to discretion of artist
10. Than drag the lines of the facial structure down then start drawing more lines to your discretion
11. After you are satisfied start painting over your lines
12. When you get to the eye start with a dark color in the upper diagonal part but not the smaller circle.
13. Then go lighter from there

Now you have your master piece
1. Gather supplies :paint artist choice ,some sort of container that holds water with an open top , a paint brush , something you'd like to paint it on, pencil, and paper towels
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