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the 7 habits of happy kids


madeleine hayes

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of the 7 habits of happy kids

the 7 habits of happy kids being proative being proative is
doing nice things
and doing things by not
being asked.
begin with the end in mind.
begin with the end
in mind means that it's
like a story because
you need beging,the middle and the end. put first things first. put first things first
means like if you have
homework due 2 weeks and
one of them is due tomorrow
you would do the one tomorrow. think win win think win win means that if
you work together and you lose you still worked together
so that is like think win win.
seek first to understand,
then to be under stood that means that you have
to listen with youreyes
and your heart not
just with your ears. synergize that means that
you mit lose but
you try as hard
as you can and
it means that
you don't get mad. shapen the saw that means that you exercizing
every day and you don't just do that
you do stuff for your mind,soul,body
and heart. my favorite
habit is
being proative
you can
solve your
own proble.
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