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Copy of Art History Timeline

By: Catherine Ward

Catherine Ward

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Art History Timeline

1000 AD
10000 BC
(Western) Art History Timeline
Ancient Art
Prehistoric/Paleolithic (15,000 - 10,000 BC)
Ancient European Art
Greek (500-100 BC) - polytheistic culture, "Golden Age" with high achievement in art, philosophy, etc. Often portrayed man nude to show perfect human figure. Such statues were often found temples honoring the gods. (Parthenon)
Middle Ages
Religion/Cathedrals dominant
Romanesque (1000 - 1300's)
Renaissance (Age of Rebirth)
Italian Renaissance
17th & 18th Century Art in Europe
Rococo (1700's)
19th Century Art in Europe
Neo-Classicism (Early 1800's)
20th Century Art in Europe
Prehistoric/Neolithic (7000 - 2000 BC)
Egyptian (2850 - 715 BC)
100 BC
Roman (146BC - 476AD).
Byzantine (late 400's - 1000 AD)
Birth of Christ
Gothic (1300 - 1400's)
Illuminated Manuscripts
Northern Renaissance
Mannerism (1600's)
1500 AD
Baroque (1600's)
Romanticism (Mid 1800's)
Realism (Mid 1800's)
Impressionism (Mid to late 1800's)
Post-Impressionism (Late 1800's)
Vincent Van Gogh
Paul Cezanne
Paul Gauguin
20th Century Art in America
Regionalism (early 1900's)
Abstract Expressionism (1950-1970's)
Pop Art (1960's)
Op Art (1960's)
Minimalism (1960's)
Invention of Camera
Digital Media
"Art is like a mirror
reflecting the culture from which it comes."
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