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Freak the Mighty

No description

david toston

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty Story Board Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 6 Chapter 5 Chapter 7 Kevin went to the same daycare as max and would make robot noises max lives in abasement /room Freak moves in in the house close by Gwen invites Max over for dinner to apologize Freaks mom Gwen is so mad when freak is with max and then sees max and runs with freak looking at Max as a monster Freak and MAx are off to see fireworks they run into trouble with Tony D. or aka Blade Max put freak on his shoulders Max would be mean t a everyone he would play kickball kick teacher kick annoying kid Gram and grim would start talking about Him and would say Little pictures have big ears and max would run to the bathroom Freak is trying to get a bird like helicopter Freak tells max about knights in armor Freak said that he had scared Gwen because he was a spitting image of his dad There is a big crowd Freak was yelling the names of the elements in the fireworks Chapter 8 Max gets special treatment because he saved Freak from the pond Freak to Max is a big brain Chapter 9 Freak takes max out on a quest The quest ends at a Hospital Chapter 10 Freak tells them to wake up at 2:00 am and go on a quest to help a damsel in distress They find a purse in the sewers and it is addressed to Loretta Lee Chapter 11 they go to the Testaments and they find loretta Lee and try to walk away. The y are told to go inside and find out that they know Max's dad and the house is a wreck Chapter 12 MAx and Freak are in the smart classes together because they think Freak is good for Max and it would let freak get around
campus. Freak had climbed on Max's shouldersand they got sent to the principals office Chapter 13 Freak and Max are eating Chop Souey at school when freak can't breath. Freak is rushed to the hospital Chapter 14 Freak , Gwen, Grim , Gram , and Max all celebrate Christmas eve together Freak and Gwen leave anad everyone falls asleep
then a huge hand covers Max Chapter 15 Max's dad takes max out of the house and ou to the street when he said i did not kill your mom and that is the truth They are walking and then they get to Loretta lee's and Iggy's apartment Chapter 16 Kane tied up Max so he would not get away and told him to sleep
in the old ladies chair Kane old max that he did not kill his mom and
swore on the Bible that he didn't Chapter 17 They are in the old ladies house sleeping Loretta walks in and gives them pizza and a place and to hide Chapter 18 Iggy comes in and told them the cops are outside looking for max They go to this abandoned building with max tied up
Kane tells max that they will get a car and leave Chapter 19 Kane goes to talk to Iggy Loretta cuts lose MAx and then she is choked my Kane
max is hitting him and trying to put his weight on him Chapter 20 Freak pops in and sprayed sulfuric acid into Kane's eyes and Max and Freak come out of the building They arrest Kane and they help loretta Chapter 21 Gwen is mad at freak and said" what am i to do with you?" Freak replied "put me up for adoption maybe the Waltons will adopt me. Kane pled guilty Chapter 22 Spring is here and Freak says we have sprung Freak has a seizure and Gwen is on the phone Chapter 23 Max is playing with the ornithopter
outside the hospital, Freak gives him a empty book Chapter 24 Max is walking alone and then goes to the hospital and he is dead Max missed the funeral and Gwen leaving Chapter 25 MAx hid for days in his room writes the book
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