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The Steps To Sucess

No description

Shonique Love

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of The Steps To Sucess

The Steps To Succeeding By: Shonique Love Dressing For Success Step 1: The Top Of Success Time Management Make a to do list
Use a planner
Learn to say no!
Monitor Your Time
Avoid Procrastination Setting Goals How to Manage Time? You can NEVER change a first impression
It's not what you wear but HOW you wear it
Dress to Impress
Appearance is the first test
It reflects how confident you feel Why Dress Properly? Short Term Goals Managing your time is a huge responsibility Bad time management=Stress Everything You Do is an opportunity cost My personal short term goal is to maintain on honor roll at Flint Southwestern Academy. I will accomplish this goal by continuing going to class and turning my assignments in on time.

My professional short term goal is to tour more colleges to start comparing colleges. I will accomplish this goal by taking time out my weekends to schedule different tours. My personal long term is to move to Tennessee . I will accomplish this goal by graduating from high school and getting accepted at Tennessee State University.

My professional long term goal is to earn my bachelor degree in pediatric Nursing at Tennessee State University. I will earn my bachelor degree by staying in school for the complete four years and passing the state nursing exam. Long Term Goals Step 2 : Make SMART goals Goals should be:
Timely Create short term goals that leads to your long term goals
Write goals down as an checklist of what has been accomplished
Focus on one goal at a time to prevent stress
Goal setting creates motivation STEP 3: Wear solid colors
Limited Jewelry
Cover tattoos
Groom properly When dressing for success you should: Keep A Time Journal Use your free time wisely One to do list isn't good enough
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