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Theme: Pixar Short Films

No description

Courtney Pena

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of Theme: Pixar Short Films

Common Core Standard:
Determine two or more themes or central ideas of a text and analyze their development over the course of the text, including how they interact and build on one another to produce a complex account; provide an objective summary of the text.
To master the ability to identify and analyze theme in a variety of short stories.
Essential Question:
What is "theme" and how do I identify evidence to support it?
What is theme?
How do I determine a theme?
When you finish reading a story, ask yourself to
sum up the book in a single word (topic).
, a topic in the story
Little Red Riding Hood
could be
because the wolf tries to deceive Little Red Riding Hood by pretending to be her grandmother.

stretch that single word into a message
: innocence can lead to deception. This is a theme for Little Red Riding Hood.

If you notice that an object does seem to be a strong and meaningful symbol in a book, try to determine any possible deeper meaning of that object.

Things to consider:

Identify the thoughts and feelings of the main character (protagonist)

Are these repeated?

What actions occur because of these thoughts and feelings?

What does the protagonist learn?

How did the protagonist change?

Be aware of any objects that are repeated and how the characters interact with them.
In the following short films you will try to identify the theme represented in each.

Divide a blank page into thirds. For each film, write:

1. Title of the film
2. Topic words related to the film

***Leave room for thematic sentences.

Work independently first; you will have the opportunity to share.

Underlying lesson
returns throughout
an insightful

about human nature, life or the world.
The message
may be major or minor

A problem, relationship, or object might symbolize the theme
It is
never directly stated
in the work. Readers must figure the theme out through characters, conflict, setting and so forth.
Film #1: "Partly Cloudy"
No talking!
1. Title
2. Topic
3. Thematic Statement
4. 2-3 sentences using
examples from the film to support your answer.
Film #2: "Lifted"
So, what do you think?
Turn to your shoulder/face partner and discuss!
Film #3: "For the Birds"
Let's Practice!

We will read "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson as a class.
Highlight or underline any words you don't understand.
Write at least 7 annotations.
Determine a theme and find details in the story to support your idea.
People commonly mistake topics for themes.
Topics are words like "love" or "adolescence" or "good and evil."
Themes should be expressed in complete sentences.
For example, a
thematic statement
for the Harry Potter novels could be
"Love is stronger than hate."

(Seen here with Lily Potter saving Harry's life with maternal love)
Themes are NOT:
directions ("don't fall in love easily")
about specific people ("Romeo is immature") - instead they are universal
Clichés ("love hurts")
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