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Contemporary Literature

No description

Sotino Juarez

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Contemporary Literature

Contemporary Literature
Contemporary literature in my P.O.V
Contemporary literature relates to american literature and all past types of literature because,it is an updated form of all types of known literature.For example music HIP HOP being a good example,self improvement books,Poetry,videos,fiction and poetry.
Philosophy of contemporary literature
Contemporary poetry
A rose that grew from concrete 2pac
The philosophy of contemporary literature
is experiences,and creativity,from one person to the next in poetry,books,and even in music.
"You play with fire it may hurt you,or burn you,lessons are blessings"-Moment of truth GangStarr
What where these people feeling & thinking?
People in this era thought and felt there emotions from their life.For example there were those living through the great depression,wars,and poverty.
Wilfed Owen war poetry
Though his poetry was not contemporary I chose him because contemporary literature involves poetry and his poetry was really moving having only five poems published before his death.Influenced contemporary writer and novelists Pat Barker in her book called the Regeneration.In 2012 this led to the book being in the top 10 historical novels.
When this happened

contemporary literature first really started after world war 2 in the 1920's or the roaring 20's to the present day it was an era where god is not as idolized in culture like once and is know more of the belief of ones own life through changes.In the culture around the time.
contemporary literature in music
What happened during this time
Contemporary had become influenced after world war 1 and 2,the stock market crash,the advancing in technology,changing what man's ideas on life and pushing them to new limits exploring space with technology.Creating the first motion pictures.
Major Players
Authors like Art Rodriguez,J.K.Rowlings,Stephen king where some authors who stood out in contemporary literature.Art rodriguez was a san jose native who wrote books like east side dreams and winning awards like the latino literacy award.J.k Rowlings is the author who wrote the harry potter series and was an entrepenuer going from a collection of books to movies of her ideas as well.Stephen king was another author whos ideas became motion pictures on the screen like the movies cujo,Stand by me,pet sematary,Each of these authors captured the contemporary movemont in their own special way.
Major literary works
When it came to mind East Side Dreams was a major work of literature it combined street names,with tales of art rodriguez's life in san jose.You could learn your way around the city with the book.It also won awards as one of the best teenage books.
Life during the time
Life during this period has upgraded from out many struggles in the nation.Though this period was unlike any other,it is a good era to live in having technology being pushed to new levels.Going from using lamps for light to iphones on the stop of traffic lights.
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