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Copy of Treesoning

No description

Katie Pooler

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Treesoning

The roots support the tree (i.e. they represent the evidence and argument which supports the theory in the question). Put your ideas into textboxes by the roots and vary the size of the text depending on how important you think it is.
Economic Change:
The introduction of the Zollverein.
(this could be seen as nationally inspired but Austria was excluded.
How important was Bismarck in the unification of Germany in 1871?
Bismarck appealed to the idea of nationalism by stimulating support to oppose Napoleon
The wind is trying to blow the tree down (i.e. it represents the evidence and arguments which disagree with the theory in the question.) Insert text boxes with your ideas in and vary their size depending on how important you think each point is.
He secured rapid peace with Austria to prevent being pulled into a longer war
Military modernisation of 1860-64 put into place by Bismarck
Bismarck described the Schleswig-Holstein affair as his greatest diplomatic success. what made it this success was the victory of 1866
Most inhabitants of the German empire were german speakers. (National link)
Greater powers such as Russia and Britain had little objection to change.
Media such as newspapers offered a kind of national link too.
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