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No description

Breanne Howard

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of BillaBong

By: Breanne Howard
Beth Castellano
Cassandra Pino
Stephanie Nella

Company & Background
Competitive Advantage
Campaign Objectives
Primary Research
The main problem’s that billabong deals with in their company are that they target their audience towards the athletic/sport community.
Billabong International Limited is primarily a clothing company that produces accessories and skateboard products.
The unique selling point is that we are selling a social aspect within our campaign.
sell the image of living in a Californian atmosphere
In Research it was prominent that more young adults were interested in living in a warm climate year round.
Problems being solved
Founded in 1973 by Gordon and Rena Merchant
Billabong sponsor many big name athletes in the surfing and snowboarding community which brings the name of their company to a bigger scale within competitions and sporting events.
BillaBong made the first wetsuit to be used for surfing that protected surfers
Billabong is a company and brand that encourages people to live a happy social life and enjoy the best of what summer has to offer.
Want our consumer to live that constant California life style.
Billabong directs their sales mostly towards surfers and snowboarders.
Between the ages of 14-18 years old students would much rather be able to wear summer clothing and bathing suits .
We want to sell more towards the young adults who enjoy the warm weather and living at the beach
As a company we want to expand their market from surfers and athletes to teenagers and young adults.
By opening up to younger audiences this can enhance the profits of the company and make the sales open up into bigger areas
Target Audience
The target audience of this campaign is women from ages 10-30 years old
This audience is most likely to be in school, whether it be high school or university.
Billabong is not a very expensive brand to accumulate. Our target audience can obtain these products whether it’s through a part time job or a full time job.
Secondary Audience
Is men within the age of 13-30, within the same age range of our primary target audience.
Our advertisements may attract them to want to purchase these products for their spouses or family members.
Audience Reaction
We want them to be confident in how they live their everyday lives.
As a company we want consumers to have our commercials and ads to stick in their minds and stand out.
Also to encourage them to go out and purchase all that Billabong has to offer
Tone of Campaign
The tone of our campaign is we want our customers and audience to live a lively, fun, energetic life.
We want our ads to stand out and have a unique and distinct look to them.
We Want when consumers see our advertisements and know right away what they stand for
Media Requirements
Ads will be shown in magazines possibly within newspapers to target towards our older audiences.
Commercials will be shown on television channels that are directed towards young adults to get them exposed to our products and the lifestyle we are trying to sell.
The mandatories for our ads and commercial are:
The Billabong website
The billabong logo
The newly improved slogan
In conclusion, our campaign is trying to sell to middle age to young women that want to live in the summer lifestyle all year round.
We plan to solve their problem of only selling to the athletic community and opening up their consumer base into a larger consumer base
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