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SMART Goals and Your Students

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Alanna Eimers

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of SMART Goals and Your Students

SMART Goals and Your Students
What is a SMART Goal?
What do I hope to accomplish by setting this goal?
What am I going to do?
Setting Goals With Students
Conferencing to Discuss Goals
First and third Friday RTI every month

Students can write directly in their Jaguars or on another paper and transfer goals to their Jaguars.
Goal Examples
I will increase my DIBELS fluency score by _____ words by the end of first quarter.

I will increase my reading accuracy to ______ percent by my next progress monitoring.

I will achieve 80% or better on my place value test by the end of the unit and/or month.

I can achieve 80% or better on my ______ timed math fact test by the end of the week.
California elementary schools that outperformed schools with similar student populations assigned a high priority to student achievement, set measurable goals for improved student achievement, and had a well-defined plan to improve achievement (Williams et al., 2006).

For Sept. feel free to use fluency as your goals, or progress monitoring that is already in place- for everyone.

Can I see, count, measure, weight and/or quantify my anticipated results?
Can I easily determine a point/number of success?
What is the amount or percentage I need to "hit" in order to reach my goal.
Thinking optimistically, can this really be achieved with my/our abilities?
Do we have the resources, or potential access to the resources that we need to achieve this goal?
Responsible/ Realistic:
What is the purpose of this goal?
Is this goal worthy of me/our council/our chapter/our school?
Is the goal relevant to my/the council's/the chapter's/the school's overall purpose?
Is the goal safe and in line with my/our mission?
Is this goal appropriate for me/us right now?
Do we have enough time to establish reasonable timelines, target dates and deadlines?
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