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Moneta - mobile payment at your figertips

Moneta mobile as a payment system, service and trademark

Boštjan Fabjančič

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Moneta - mobile payment at your figertips

Luka Gabrovšek Moneta - mobile payment at your fingertips Senior Product Manager Telekom Slovenije d.d. e: luka.gabrovsek@telekom.si more info on www.moneta.si/eng/introduction/ What is ? payment system
payment service
trademark Key user benefits pay with your mobile
convenient, safe and simple
large payment network (various merchants, over 10k points of sale)
all purchases are covered once a month by user (on his Telco bill or directly from his bank account) Relationships in
Moneta family Mobile payment is NOT about technology. Is about business cases and (most of all) about people. Make it as simple as possible for the users to start using the service – default issuing.
Do not stick to one channel – multi-channel support
Share to increase market share – open payment system Mobile phone number is a unique, safe and easy-to-use eID
which can be used in various everyday life scenarios. Transactional fees are better then one time compensation.
Smaller fees on big volume are better than high fees on small
volume - market size and market share. Being a trusted party makes all roles in the mobile
payment ecosystem available - payment systems are based on TRUST! Questions? Experience when paying ... Lessons learned while Moneta grows Generating payment string
at cash register.
User enters string.
Entering code PIN is optional (if enabled)
*180*123*PIN# call User gets extract of
transaction on his screen. User gets SMS with
payment confirmation. Keys to Moneta mobile payment network Default issuing (mobile subscription). Current payment system physics +3.000 businesses
+10.000 Moneta points-of-sell +1,3 mio users with Moneta USER MERCHANT SYSTEM +1b EURs available in system annually owners: Telekom Slovenije (TS) & NKBM
aquirer: TS, NKBM
issuer: TS, Si.mobil, Debitel (operators);
NKBM, PSB (banks) INFO Annual rise in revenue, margin, unique users, no. transaction +30%. Building cost effective payment network
(virtual Moneta terminals - eTerminal & mTerminal). Self provisioning for user (self managing limit, PIN, transaction history, personalization). Motivational business models for merchants. Proximity & remote payments - following the path to universal commerce. Innovation.
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