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Global young reformers network

No description

Caro Line

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Global young reformers network

LWF Global Young Reformers Network
>The virtual process<

Online Working groups
choose two themes you want to engage in

join the board of discussion, posting and webinars in groups

meet with other group members regularly in webinars
Freed from....
Freed to...
Start your own profile on www.youngreformers/lutheranworld.org

Here you can get to know others in the Social Network by chatting, posting videos, notes and pictures

Present yourself in the Social Network of the Global Young Reformers- on the Website or the App "LWF young reformers"

Share your story and testimony- what are you freed from...or freed to... by being Lutheran?

Receive comments and questions by
young reformers from all over the world
Virtual Catechism
What does it mean to be Lutheran today?

Post your question with a short video

Answer questions with a short video
Virtual Conference
"Freed by God's love- to change the world"
celebrate an online worship service on Reformation Day 2014

meet all Global Young Reformers

listen to keynote speaches by young leaders

discuss topics from the virtual catechism in online workshops

learn about youth participation, gender justice, advocacy for climate justice

vote for the priorities of the Global Young Reformers Network

July -August 2014
August- October 2014
31 October 2014
1. Your church (national level) nominates you to officially represent it in this program until 2017

2. Register online with the link provided in the Welcome Email

Registration process
November 2014 to
May 2015
1st of May - 1st July 2014

Design: Caroline Richter/ LWF
Music: Tommy Emanuel_ Antonella Birthday
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