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Comparison of Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby Novel and Fil

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Natalie Ford

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Comparison of Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby Novel and Fil

Chapters 1-4

-Ch. 1: Seems very confident, scary, looks right over Nick, intimidating, gossipy
-Ch.3: Enjoys Nick’s company, acts like she knows all about Gatsby, comforts Nick, ignores comments about rich women not ending up with poor men, likes the privacy at large parties, makes her own opinion of Gatsby, can keep a secret. Gatsby asked her to talk to Nick, this made her feel important
-Ch.4: Jordan explains to Nick, Daisy and Gatsby's complicated past and how it’s no coincidence that Gatsby lives right across the bay from Daisy.

Chapters 5-8

Character Analysis in Novel
Character Analysis in 1974 Film

The depiction of Jordan was very similar in the 1974 film and the novel. Director Jack Clayton chose to display Jordan this was to try to get as close to the book as possible.

Character Analysis in 2013 Film
Differences between movie and novel:
- Jordan gets less of a presence, doesn’t appear as often.
- Her romantic relationship with Nick isn’t really shown.
- Her sporting life isn’t shown a much (golfing, etc.)

Why do you think the director Baz Luhrmann chose to depict Jordan Baker in this way?
- He may have wanted to bring more attention to the main characters, Gatsby and Daisy, rather than Nick and Jordan.
- Make Jordan more mysterious; have more mystique.

Comparing Films

-More words in the 2013 film, have more upbeat loud music.
-Presents the movie, era as more of a “partying” atmosphere.
-Speakeasies, prohibition, illegal activities present during the era portrayed more clearly.
-Makes the movie more attractive to a modern audience.
- In both movies costumes are portrayed really well, but in the 2013 film a lot of the costumes are more extravagant, so was the architecture; art deco is portrayed better.

Comparison of Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby Novel and Films

Presented by Maya Koscielny, Meredith Wenson, Dara Bellinson, Natalie Ford, Zoe Heller, and Miles Eichenhorn
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