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Period 2, GA, Aeschylus

No description

George Ananev

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Period 2, GA, Aeschylus

525-456 B.C Aeschylus Eurphorian, Aeschylus's dad, had helped Aeschylus to read and write. Being born into an upper class Eurphorian sent Aeschylus to a tutor to learn how to read and write. He also encouraged Aeschylus when he first started to write plays and poems. Important discoveries Aeschylus had fought in the battle of Salamis with his brother during the Persian war. He then wrote a play about it called "The Persians". This is his most famous play and it's important because it gives us insight of the war and it was a great form of entertainment in Greece, since watching plays was a big pass time. Aeschylus was thought to have been the first dramatist to write plays as a trilogy. This is important for later development of plays and is still used today in modern films and plays. He also supposedly wrote 70-90 plays which is a great amount. But only seven plays have been recovered and it gives an insight of greek plays. Important people Before Aeschylus started to write plays he had read Homers "The Odyssey". He was fascinated by Homers writings and was inspired to write his own plays and poems. The Father of Tragedy Fun Fact It is said that a eagle had dropped a turtle on Aeschylus's head mistaking it for a rock and killing him.
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