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Educate for education

No description

Milena Georgieva

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Educate for education

India has one of the lowest higher education enrollment ratio of 11 per cent. In the US it is 83 per cent.
itself is an ngo, and every year it provides the amazing opportunity for more than 50 girls to become part of a leadership academy where they're both learners and teachers. They also have campaigns/initiatives; e.g. the 30-day challenge “Change the world with a small gesture. It works to promote active participation of young people in their communities and in building sustainable and effective civil society in Bulgaria". These gestures will greatly contribute to the positive change in our quality of life as well as the protection and improvement of the environment.

Educate for education
Facts about education
Formal education
Write a story whose main character is a successful person (good job, respected individual, achieves his/her goals, satisfied with life, happy)
Studying abroad

What is education?
Nearly 250 million children have to work to help their families; 60% of all children out of school are girls.
Just one out of nine children finishingschool joins a college.
Since 1983, over 10 million Americans have reached the 12th grade without having learned to read at a basic level.

the structured education, usually has a fixed curriculum
In the UK - entrance exams:
toefl, Cambridge ESOL or IELTS; Taxes vary between 7500-9000£

- The Netherlands (Holland) - Cambridge ESOL or IELTS, taxes are around 1700euro, you can take a student loan
- Germany - no fees, (or up to €500); German courses : TestDaF, DSH, Goethe-Zertifikat, or Deutsches Sprachdiplom der KMK Stufe II. English courses: an IELTS or TOEFL

Switzerland - education is free, exam requierments: TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, GMat;
- Denmark - entrance exams: toefl, Cambridge ESOL or IELTS, higher education in Denmark is free for students from the EU/EEA (european economic area) and Switzerland.
.. is learning that occurs in a formal learning environment, but that is not formally recognised. It typically involves workshops, community courses, interest based courses, short courses, sessions, or conference style seminars. The learning takes place in a formal setting such as organisation, but is not formally recognised within a curriculum or syllabus framework.

Youth in Action
Non-formal education
Training courses and seminars (SALTO)
- NGO or a group of people choose a theme
For example the photo jogging initiative organised by glow.
NGOs - non profit organisations - why are they good and why should i take interest in them

Where to study?
.. By engaging in initiatives, campaigns, trainings etc. organised by certain NGOs or just by volunteering, individuals acquire skills, information, knowledge and are offered various opportunities.
The only difference is the one you make - whether you're going to take advantage of what's offered to you.

take this opportunity!
"Education " -- The process of training and developing the knowledge, mind, character, etc., especially by formal schooling.“
One should notice that the definition of education has three key words. The dictionary says:
Process; Train; Develop
education for all

- university
Main points:
- job
- daily life (describe a usual day)
Your diploma is based on 3 things: the matura, + compulsory subjects + compulsory elective subject / 3
Most bulgarian universities have preliminary exams, you should check the university for the dates; the dates for the exams and applying vary, but most start from February-March and end in June and July;
- majority rule
- 100-150 words
Always consider other expenses!
useful sites:
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