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MCH Data Connect

No description

Marvin So

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of MCH Data Connect

MCH Data Connect
Cool. How do I use it?
Home Page
What is MCH Data Connect?
It's a comprehensive catalog of data sources and databases relevant to maternal-child health.
Keyword Only
Three Ways to Search
...or just Google it.
Choose Category
Advanced Search
Search Categories
Geographic Unit
of Data Source
Health Exposures and Risk Factors
Health Outcomes
Healthcare Policy and Access
U.S. City / County
U.S. State
U.S. National
Environment / Environmental Health
Health Behaviors
Injury, Violence, and Safety
Life Stages
Chronic Conditions
Communicable Diseases
Mental Health
Oral Health
Pregnancy and Birth
Sexual and Reproductive Health
Healthcare Policy
Healthcare Access
Healthcare Expenditures
Insurance Coverage
Once you've chosen your data source...
Most importantly...
You've made it!
Are there any features you would really like to see in MCH Data Connect?

What challenges have you faced in regards to finding datasets / databases? Could MCH Data Connect help in any way?

Any other questions?
We Need You!
MCH Data Connect relies on students and researchers like you to help us out!

If you ever see anything wrong, think a resource should be added, or have suggestions, email us.
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