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Estructura AIESEC

No description

Belén Kistner

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Estructura AIESEC

Qué es AIESEC? Un mundo de siglas Ejemplo Hoy estamos en el OPS - EP Day, organizado por los chicos de OGX del LC BB. AIESEC International Aiesec International AI Growth
Network Región Iberoamérica Nuestra regiòn Estructura
de AIESEC GN Growth Network Regiones Africa
Western Europe and North America
Central and Eastern Europe
Asia Pasific
Middle East and North Africa Research and Innovation Business Development Product Development Entity Development Talent Managment Expansion Marketing Body Public Relations Manager President Organizational
Development Brand XP
Team Innovation Team PAI President of AIESEC INTERNATIONAL. VPAI “Vice-President of AIESEC INTERNATIONAL” de cada área. Coordinadores, para cada Growth network AIESEC International Member Comitee MC Member Comitee Member Comitee
President Talent Managment &
Organizational Development COMM &
MKT External Relations ICX OGX Finance & Legal Fernando Kamachi MCP Member Comitee President MCVP Member Comitee President Vice-President Local Comitee (LC) Local Comitee
President Outgoing Exchange Incoming
Exchange External Relations Administration,
and Legals Talent
Management Comm
MKT Information
Management Ogx Icx ER IM TM MCVP LCP
LCVP Local Comitee President
Local Comitee Vice-President
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