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The French & Indian War

No description

Karen Stuckmeyer

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of The French & Indian War

The French & Indian War
I can describe the causes of the French & Indian War.
I can explain the significance of the French & Indian War (why it was important.)
Causes of the French & Indian War
Both Britain & France claimed the land in the Ohio Valley
In 1750 France sent soldiers to build forts in the Ohio Valley and to drive out the British.
The British saw this as an act of war and decided to fight back. (War began in 1754.)
Native Americans fought on both sides, but mostly for France.
Ben Franklin said that the colonies should unite to fight the French.
George Washington was the leader of the Virginia soldiers.
Eventually the British and French started fighting in Europe too.
The French and Indian War ended in 1763 with the Treaty of Paris.
Why was the French & Indian War Significant?
Britain gained almost all of Canada.
Britain gained all French lands east of the Mississippi River.
Britain gained Florida from Spain
France lost nearly all of its lands in North America
Britain began to pass many new tax laws to help pay for the cost of the war.
The war caused the colonies to UNITE or work together for the first time in their efforts to defeat the French.
French & Indian War 5 min.
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