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Part 2- Jule and Morgan

No description

Jule Schatz

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Part 2- Jule and Morgan

Analog Vs. Ditgital over the air (OTA) HD signals Wifi Analog is the process of taking audio or video singals and changing it into electrical pulses Digital it the breaking of that same singal into a different format with a code which contists of 1's and 0's Which one is better?
Digital is much more clear than analog because it knows what it is supposed to be by the time it reaches tDigital is much more clear than analog because it knows what it is supposed to be by the time it reaches the TV and can fix any mistake before you see the picture Analog does not cost as much a digital but it has a very low memory and can only interpret so much Digital through converting the signal into a code can smush a whole bunch of information into a device which gives you more features OTA(Over The Air) HD signals are much clearer than regular cable signals(3 to 4 times clearer). the resolution is much higher and so it the picture quality. Signals are sent to a TV and interpreted to the image. There are about 2 million pixels per frame which is 5 times more than analog cable What is it? Wifi is a wireless network that uses
high frequency radio waves How does it work? It works by turning data into radio signals, Then a wireless coder takes that information and sends it to the internet.
Or the internet sends information using a wireless coder to turn it into radio signals which can be interperted as data Morgan's and Jule's project number 2
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