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Red River Rebellion. -M.Y

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marcus yung

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Red River Rebellion. -M.Y

What caused the Red River Rebellion? The Red river rebellion was mainly caused because the government weren't treating the Metis right, Firstly In 1869 the Hudson's Bay company decided to sell Rupert's Land to the government of Canada. Surveyors sent to the area from the government caused the Metis suspicion.Made them think their land was going to be taken. The Metis didnt want this to affect their ways of life, they knew they had to fight back, or they would never have a voice in the government. Red River Rebellion What was the Red River rebellion? The Red River rebellion was an uprising against the Canadian government After Affects of the Rebellion Who was involved in the Red River rebellion? The Metis was one side of the rebellion, they were a mix of First nations and French speaking Roman Catholics. They had unique cultures ,religions, background and lifestyles all with strong bonds to nature. During the rebellion they were lead by Louis Riel. The other side of the Rebellion was the Canadian government Provisional government Louis Riel Louis Riel was well educated, and an excellent speaker that had originated from the Metis. He played a key role in the rebellion, Riel was the political leader of the Metis, he fought for the Metis's culture, their way of life. He was the president of a "Metis Provisional Government that he formed himself.
After he lead both rebellions (Red River, North-west) Riel was arrested for treason and executed on Nov.16 1885. Why was the Red River Rebellion important to the development of Western Canada? After the rebellion, the Red River colony joined confederation as Manitoba, things were more settled between the Metis and the Canadian government, so the areas was safer, not as many problems occurred. Therefore more and more settlers gradually came into the new province of Manitoba. When did the Rebellion Occur?

The Rebellion started in October of 1869 and ended in July of 1870 Canadian government recognized the Metis's land rights Government recognized French and English as official languages The Red River colony joined confederation as the province of Manitoba Riel fled from the Red River area to avoid being captured by the English Thomas Scott executed by the Metis Provisional Government By: Marcus Yung After Affects of the Rebellion Metis Flag Red river area
(Assiniboia) Rupert's Land
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