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what is biological warfare

No description

comander farsight

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of what is biological warfare

What is biological warfare?
Biological warfare is when a country uses germs and viruses on other people to kill.
where did it start?
One of the first reported cases was when the british used small pox on native americans so that they would die and stop attacking towns.
what are some of the agents used in biological attacks and how can they be used?
Some of the most well none and deadly is anthrax, smallpox, and polio. they can be used to poison water supplies or used in a bomb or explosive. But the most dangerous way to use biological weapons is in aerosol form which is spraying it mixed with air then it travels through the air it is nearly impossible to contain.
Here are some pictures.
What is the U.S. doing about it?
The government along with lots of other country's signed a treaty to outlaw the use of biological weaponry. But that doesn't stop our government from funding other country's from producing bio weapons, also we have labs that develop and study dangerous bio weapons, but the government denies this and claims they're doing this for research and to prevent biological attacks.
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