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Prepared Public Speaking Leadership CDE Cheat Sheet

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Mollie Dykes

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Prepared Public Speaking Leadership CDE Cheat Sheet

According to National FFA... Manuscript Memorization Giving the Speech Studying for Questions and
Answering Questions Choosing the topic/
Writing the Speech Put thought into topics
Some topics are completely over done, but can be interesting if the student puts a different spin on certain topics.
The topic needs to be a current ag issue that is affecting a large portion of the population!
Make it to where all of the judges feel affected by this issue. Scored separately weeks before the contest.
Will make or break your students!
Get English teachers at your school to review it and check your references list.
APA format.
Remind them it’s a speech and NOT an essay.
Prepared Public Speaking Students need to have it fully memorized by district contest.
Do not allow them to use notecards.
It’s called prepared speaking for a reason.
Every student is successful with different techniques.
A good option is taking it paragraph by paragraph.
Set goals. Official dress is another thing that can make or break a student.
Students need to be in correct OD. Students can be questioned on ANYTHING.
Consistently study the topic and current issues related to it.
Students need to answer what the judges asked plus more.
This is also a good time filler since 5 minutes are allowed for questions.
Beware of rambling! Know it. Learn it. Win it. During the Prepared Public Speaking CDE, students write and deliver a six- to eight-minute speech about a current agriculture-related topic. The speaking skills gained through this event help students excel in school, community and career settings. Resources to help with finding current issues and articles on it... fb.org
I am agriculture proud blog
National Checkoff Programs (cia.gov)
Ag in the Classroom
Drovers Cattle Network
Animal Ag Alliance
Green State TV on YouTube
American Egg Board Present both sides of the issue. Make it natural Make natural movements.
Move with purpose.
Pacing consistently throughout the speech is distracting.
Move when transitioning.
Stay planted when making big points.
Be conversational. Power areas for
hand movements
Guys: Shoulders
Girls: Hips Dress the part Ultimately, remind your students to Practice, practice, practice and study, study, study! This will ensure your students receive the results they want! 2012 National FFA Prepared Public Speaking Contest
http://www.ihigh.com/ffa/broadcast_252836.html?silverlight=1 Speech Presentation Scoring
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